Saturday, November 4, 2017

To all those following and commenting on our Uma Inder expose...

To all those following and commenting on our Uma Inder expose, please be informed, our expose is solely about Inder’s teachings and practices. We will not tolerate any accusations or revealing any personal information about either the accusers or the followers / defenders of Uma Inder.

Any personally identifying accusations and/or posted material will be subject to privacy and will be taken down immediately. We will absolutely not allow people to use this platform for personal attacks. Our expose is not about the personal life of the victims nor the followers of Uma Inder. This is not a courtroom and this platform should not be used reveal such things. This is the reason why we never publish details regarding allegations containing such personal information.

In our opinion, the fact that Uma Inder managed through her teachings to make such a controversial division between people speaks for itself. Based upon this result, we believe she is not truly teaching about healing, peace, enlightenment, and harmony.
Regarding the repeated claims being made by Uma supporters that there are only two people who have complained to FACT, we have received more than just two complaints, including a complaint that Uma managed to bring an alleged victim to the brink of attempted suicide.

Moreover, all allegations from Uma Inder’s main defender Mateo Mateo (that we are an organization that lies) and from Uma’s lawyers will be addressed at the conclusion of our expose. For now, please know that FACT has received the highest rating possible from Guidestar (platinum level rating) for our transparency and honesty as an organization. Our organization is merely trying to save lives and make changes for the better.

Lastly, please know that the FACT Team is out on assignment Monday and Tuesday. As such, we request that no comments be made up until Wednesday so that we may be available to respond promptly.

Thank you,

The FACT Team

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