Thursday, November 2, 2017


In our opinion, after our analysis of the complaints and evidence received utilizing cult expert Steven Hassan's B.I.T.E. model, we believe Uma Inder appears to be acting as a destructive cult leader. The B.I.T.E. model is comprised of four different categories of control:

I. Behavior Control

II. Information Control

III. Thought Control

IV. Emotional Control

This analysis model is based upon the work of Robert J. Lifton, Margaret Singer and other psychologists and cult experts, and is used by many professionals in the field to distinguish between destructive and benign cultic group characteristics.

According to this model of analysis, the documented allegations against Uma Inder appear to raise numerous red flags in all four categories across the board.

To see the full breakdown of our B.I.T.E. model analysis, please visit our website at:

As an example, some relevant quotes from a complaint we received:

“At this point Uma Inder and the group dogma she has created implicitly and explicitly dictates:

• What to wear
• What to eat
• Who to have conversations with
• Acceptable topics of conversation
• Who to have sex with and when
• What music, movies and internet media are acceptable for consumption
• And work routines, largely in service of Uma Inder and her personal projects

As Umaa Inder represents no tradition, these relations are entirely dependent upon Uma Inder’s discretion and subject to change at any time, heightening the anxiety of the members and their dependence on Umaa Inder to make increasingly basic decisions.”

"...members were strongly discouraged from speaking of these experiences to others, and increasingly pushed to signing non-disclosure agreements and waivers to shield Uma Inder from personal liability as her abuses continued and expanded. In addition, Umaa Inder’s chief follower, “protector” (per Umaa Inder), and self-proclaimed bodyguard has made frequent death threats to those he or Umaa Inder deems could ‘harm’ Umaa, such as by speaking out against her abuses. For example, one escaping cult member was threatened with decapitation for studying with another spiritual teacher. Another escaping cult member was threatened with “danger” should he return to Bali, for calling the group a cult.”

"Umaa Inder threatened that those who broke off the ‘process’ halfway would suffer spiritual death (as a leaving cult member was choosing to be away from God), sexual dysfunction, emotional displacement, and an inability to find community. Umaa Inder has also implicitly threatened to publicize highly personal and painful confessional material that she extracted from her followers in the group internet message board should anyone speak out against her.”


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‘Part Four’ of our Uma Inder expose coming soon...


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