Friday, November 10, 2017


Please Note: The purpose of this expose is not to slander, libel or harm Uma Inder in any way; it is to bring awareness, to educate the public and to potentially change her allegedly damaging practices so that no one might be hurt in the future. We of course encourage all opposing views and welcome all new information / evidence at any time. If you have any information about Uma Inder that you would like to share, either positive or negative, please contact us at:

According to the complaints and evidence received against Uma Inder from multiple parties, we believe Umaa may be acting as a cult leader that seems to severely damage her followers in many ways. In our opinion, Umaa Inder’s recruitment, indoctrination, and control techniques are typical to that of destructive high-control/demand groups (as per our analysis using the B.I.T.E. model). We believe her goal is to psychologically break down students in the name of “transparency” and “enlightenment” for control and exploitation purposes. According to the complaints, in our opinion it seems Umaa Inder has no regard for the physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being of her followers. In our estimation, we believe Umaa Inder may be very dangerous and advise potential students to think twice before becoming a student of this yogi guru.

We commend all of the brave ex-students for finding the courage to come together and speak out in an effort to warn potential students and stop the alleged manipulation and abuse, as stated in this quote from an alleged victim:

“…it is due to these systematic threats and intimidation that Uma Inder has been able to operate for so long without being exposed. These threats require that we protect our identities for the time being. However, we are so concerned about the well-being of current, inactive, former, and possible future cult members that we choose to begin exposing the abuses carried out by Uma Inder.”

In our opinion, Uma Inder’s teachings are not those of healing, peace or enlightenment since they have allegedly caused tremendous harm to some of her student followers (positive, healthy and harmonious teachings do not cause such a negative reaction).

Though Uma’s supporters have every right to try and defend her, we are asking Uma Inder to step out from behind them and from behind her lawyers, to speak for herself and discuss with us each and every allegation made against her, which we believe is the only way to achieve a resolution on this matter and start the healing / recovery process for the alleged victims.

Again, this expose was the result of allegations and evidence received against Uma Inder by ex-students. The purpose of this expose is to warn, educate, potentially save lives and to protect any potential victims. It is absolutely not intended to slander, libel or harm anyone mentioned in the expose.

Check back for Part 3 of our conclusion posting tomorrow…

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