Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is not the first time...

This not the first time a Naropa faculty member created such problems. It was in fact much more prevalent in Naropa's early days when even its founder ran amoc. Read "When I Was Cool" by Sam Kashner.

Your clarification explains KK's behavior when I and a colleague talked with Sharoni after a performance at Cornish in Seattle in summer 2011.

I studied at Naropa only as an older student who refused to allow teachers to be god-like.

For what it is worth I see butoh as a very dark form of dance. Having said that Sharoni was one the best I have seen, and I always felt that when she got there she gave Naropa's program validity. Until Sharoni that program was run by an egotistical idiot.

Note: Writer's name has been removed to protect their identity.

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Heart Goes Out…


My heart goes out to you and your family. I feel your grieving process so strongly, and I think of you often. I want to thank you for posting this letter with such profound updates. Lots of this new information I was unaware of and it literally shakes me to the bone. I feel all of this destruction now more then ever, and I want for you to know that I support you and Hana in whatever ways that I possibly can.

I am reminded often of how supportive you and Hana were for me this past summer. It's chilling for me to reflect on to be honest. Here you were mourning the tragic death of your daughter, yet you were so fully present for a stranger in desperate need of a validation to live. Your e-mails and phone calls to me meant more to me then perhaps you know. You both were there for me in ways that my own parents couldn't be there for me. For this I am forever grateful.
Honestly, I never liked KK myself, even before any of this information on him became public. What he taught was just boring and of no value in my opinion, however he did have a mesmerizing stage presence....and this is perhaps that only element that attracted me to him in the first place....but I soon found out first hand that what he taught was quite superficial. You can trust that I will be discouraging folks from working with Kan, and will pass along your words in full justice and memory of Sharoni.

Happy Holidays to you and your loving family.

Many Blessings.

Note: Writer's name has been removed to protect their identity.

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