Tuesday, March 24, 2020

F.A.C.T. Founder, Tibor Stern featured in recent History Channel's - The UnXplained

F.A.C.T. founder, Tibor Stern, was featured in the History Channel’s most recent episode of The UnXplained: Deadly Cults with William Shatner, which aired on March 21, 2020.

This episode discusses the dark world of cults and its Deadly Dance segment tells the world about the wrongful death of Sharon Stern by her instructor Katsoura Kan, Butoh “The Dance of Darkness” practitioner and instructor through Naropa University.

In this snippet from the show on YouTube, hear Tibor Stern speak (at 1:07):

To hear the full episode telling about Sharoni’s tragic death, click to stream the full episode for free from your TV provider:

The UnXplained: Deadly Cults 
Season 1, Episode 12 (42 minutes)

"Deadly Dance" Timestamp: 25:30

Be Safe and Be Well,

The F.A.C.T. Inc, Team

Friday, March 6, 2020

Elgio Bishop aka Nature Boy - Carbon Nation

We have posted about this before and we recently received another complaint from a concerned citizen about Elgio Bishop and Carbon Nation.


Name of Cult Group or Church: Carbon Nation

Where: Currently Atlanta Georgia

Leader(s): Eligio Bishop

Please describe the cult activity: Carbon Nation is a well known Cult ran by Elgio Bishop who is also known as Nature Boy and Chief. Eligio claims he is the second coming of Christ, he has multiple spirtual wives that he physically and mentally abuses. He also passes these said wives to the other men in the group for sex. The members have no choice but to submit to Eligio's demands of whom and what they do sexually. He has been a male stripper, done online porn and known to have sex with both males, and females in his cult. Most of these people who follow Eligio are between the ages of 16 and 27. He has a huge online following, and tells mental health patience and those infected with std's and HIV that they aren't infected or sick and to stop taking medication. Prior to being deported back to the states, Eligio and Carbon Nation members were in Mexico and several other areas within the tropics. There have been several member who followed him to Mexico and have since passed away. One who left but stayed in the area died of a mysterious car accident and the other stopped taking her meds at the advice of Elgio, and suffered a massive heart attack.

Again, this cult has a huge social media presence and influences new members to abandon their children and family to join his cult. He promotes domestic violence and pedophilia. There are several videos of Elgio admitting to trying to murder his wife, and also forcing female members to abort their children via a home made tea and pills.

New members also are humiliated upon arrival online. They are asked to disclose their darkest secrets. Several members have admitted to molesting younger family members and children. Eligio tells them that they are forgiven if and when they join his cult. The most disturbing video to date is a full description of Eligio describing how he has sex while laying next to his son, and allows his son the play with his penis afterwards. He also admits to being nude in front of all children in carbon nation. There are currently 2 small children under 2 years old including his daughter. Elgio has referenced his own daughter as being his new wife, and a ex member admitted that he and the child's mother often have sex with the young child in the bed beside them.

This cult is anti America although they are mostly born in the US. Eligio has gone on rants about end times, fighting the war against the "system" and influencing members to prepare for the end. He has even been arrested in Panama, and Mexico where he and members were beat by offices due to Elgio's orders to be non compliant with officers.

It has been rumored that since his last deportation, Elgio has had his passport revoked. However he is currently been trying to find a way to get out of the country. Carbon Nation lives off of the donations of misled people. Elgio considers the USA Babylon, and encourages everyone to quit their jobs and rebuke any modern day things. Members eat one meal a day, practice what Elgio calls the b6 diet and most look malnourished and sick.

He has admitted to being a Narcissist, manipulator and that he spent several years in a mental institution as a young adult.

Recently I have noticed Eligio and other men of Carbon Nation showing guns online and threatening anyone who tries to expose him and his cult. I have been extremely concerned for current and future member, most if not all seem to suffer from some form of mental illness. Everything that I have disclosed here is online either on YouTube or instagram. Several members have left and gave testimonies of the verbal, mental and physical abuse that they suffered.

Is there anything else that we should know or you would like to tell us: All information online can be found on a YouTube content creator's channel The Tea Or by searching Carbon Nation, Elgio Bishop or Nature Boy

Instagram handles are
Immortal.malia " 

The F.A.C.T. Inc Team

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