Friday, May 3, 2013

I Lost My Daughter Jamie 3 Years Ago...

Dear Mrs. Stern,

I was so sad to hear of the loss of your daughter Sharoni. Please except my deepest condolences.

I lost my daughter Jamie 3 years ago. She was very good friends with many of the girls from Hillel. My daughter was involved in what I considered a cult. She married her childhood sweetheart. He married her for her money, and her kindness and sweet heart. She was very intelligent, with a with a business degree and was a registered  nurse. He manipulated her for years and got her involved in drugs and put heroin in pot without her knowing. We did not know she was in trouble . We found out he was using in drugs at the same time he was in medical school. We asked Jamie if she was involved but she said no. We put him in a private rehab facility. He never was said Jamie was in trouble. He told her he would get better and she would be fine. Two years later Jamie called and came home. She still did not tell us she needed help. She got divorced because her was a bad man and she finally realized it. Several months later we discovered Jamie had a serious drug problem. Jamie spent almost 8 months in rehab. She was loved by everyone there, and so respected. Two months after she left rehab she had an accidental overdose. They told us she had such a tiny amount of drug in her system but her body was so clean that she died right away. Her x husband knew she was getting drugs and never tried to stop her or call us. There is such evil in the world.

We worked with the DEA to try to get this bad man under control and the people who sell drugs.

Three years have passed and there is not 1 day that I do not miss or think about my Jamie. I am so grateful that god put her in my life and I feel so blessed for the time that I had with her. 

I hope in time you and your family will find some peace.

My deepest sympathy,


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