Sunday, August 23, 2020

Launching New Programs & Website


Dear F.A.C.T. Supporter,

Over the past year F.A.C.T. has been helping survivors of the NXIVM trafficking and cult ring as well as survivors of Jeffrey Epstein to directly receive professional counseling. These predatory groups wreak havoc on individuals lives and we understand how important it is to receive therapy after surviving such exploitation and trauma..

Which is why we are launching our New Website and Programs, focused primarily on recovery through practical, affordable therapy options for victims.

Our approach is threefold:
Empower: By offering a wide range of programs, we help the powerless to become empowered. No longer will they be the victim of a crazy sociopath or narcissist!

Most victims can not afford professional therapy which runs upwards of $200 per hour. This is why we are introducing Bibliotherapy as part of our new programs.

The Goals of Bibliotherapy are to help individuals express feelings and gain insight. It is a practical way to realize what has happened to a victim. By reading other stories that are similar to their own, the reader begins to realize they're not alone. This usually helps a person to understand their victimization depending on the severity of trauma. Bibliotherapy can help in healing traumas, suicide prevention and so much more.
Educate: Only through learning how these people coerce, deceive, and control others will you become a shield of armor for yourself and others to their deceptive tactics. Knowing the red flags ahead of time can keep you and your loved ones out of the emotional and sometimes deadly grip of the narcissist.

Prevention: By empowering those who have been stung by a sociopathic person or group, and educating them as well as others, can we prevent them from placing the leash on themselves and others.

Bibliotherapy is also great for non-victims. By reading and seeing other peoples stories, we become aware of possible problems with certain groups, churches, or even individuals (think Bill Cosby).

Prevention is a top priority. We want to educate the world on these abusive tactics, lies and manipulation these personalities use to take over and control people so that it never happens to another single soul!
Art therapy is also used in this threefold process, especially for younger kids. Your donations help us provide these materials to people who need them now.

"You can do something big or you can do something small. Because whatever you do is Better than nothing at all"

We have a long list of survivors who are asking for our help. Please help us, help them.

We can not continue our work and implement these much needed New Programs without your valuable help and donations.

The F.A.C.T., Inc. Team

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