Friday, January 30, 2015

From a parent whose child is in the Hare Krishnas...




The C-U-L-T: International Society for Krishna Consciousness, A/K/A ISKCON and Hare Krishna.

Is eating an Iskcon vegetarian/vegan lunch on campus or going to an Iskcon Mantra Meditation group class harmless? How about love-bombing and instant friends?

Yes if your kid unknowingly gets recruited by a slick sociopath on campus to trick your kid using tried and true mind control methods of cults to get you to join their group. Kids don’t join, they get recruited.
It can happen to your kid at the University of Florida (“UF”), Florida State University (“FSU”), University of Central Florida (“UCF”) or any college campus in the country.

You will know your kid is in a C-U-L-T when you hear things such as: “I’m happy, everyone is nice”, “I’m not into the material world, and money doesn’t mean anything to me”.

I know personally, and there are dramatic and troubling concerns when you send your kid to college and instead of getting a college education, they get indoctrinated into a mind numbing, mind controlling cult.
Your kid will go through the short list I compiled below:

Personality change where you say, she/he is a different person or I don't know her/him anymore.
Dramatic shift of values and beliefs.
Changes in diet and sleep habits.
Celibate-no nookie.
Refusal to attend important family events, or spend time during breaks with anyone except the group.
Inability to make critical thinking decisions without consulting the group, leader or guru.
Sudden use of a new ideology to explain everything.
Black and white, simplistic reasoning.
Changes in appearance, looks and attire, i.e. clothes, hair, etc.
Now if you move into the Temple, or compound, well then you are really screwed
Change your name.
Only take cold showers, which must be fun when the temperature is in the 30’s or below
Wipe your ass with your hand and water only, no toilet paper. (Yep they serve food on campus).
Gets up at 4:00 am to chant the mantra under the influence of transcendental meditation (no thought) on their wooden beaded necklace, the necklace has 108-beads on it, and you have to do the mantra 16-times for each wooden bead, which equals no less than 1,728 times a day, every single day, that’s 630,000 times a year.

Ok let’s start as there is sixteen (16) words that you have say 1,728 times:
hare kṛṣṇa hare kṛṣṇa
kṛṣṇa kṛṣṇa hare hare
hare rāma hare rāma
rāma rāma hare hare
Now say it 1,727 more times, every morning of every day.

Now I can tell you -say anything this many times, no matter what you say, and you will believe in anything.

The group’s insistence that your kid sell the groups fantasy scripture books and also recruit others unknowingly instead of enjoying time with friends and family, especially over the holidays.
Work 10-12 hours a day and spend time only with the group each and every day, which includes chanting the mantra, mediation, learning scriptures, singing, dancing, playing the same music, but mostly free slave labor for the group’s activities i.e. cooking, cleaning, serving food, sell books, recruit others and getting further and further indoctrinated away from reality each and every waking hour with only the group and no other outside influences like family, friends, newspapers, TVs, non-group books, current events.
The pseudo personality, trance-like, robotic-like unrecognizable loving kid is no more, yep the kid has been so controlled and influenced and under so much stress, duress, anxiety and fear, it will be shocking and revolting that you will want to do something right away, right?

Oops no sorry you can’t anything, your kid is an adult, and is so indoctrinated, so messed up, so involved with the group dogma and doctrines that if you dare say what any normal, loving parents would say i.e.: “You’re in a cult” and “you’re being brainwashed”

From the groups prospective, you’re “Maya”, the devil in your kids mind because you are stopping your kid from reaching their spiritual potential, from being enlightened, to be able to be reincarnated to live forever.
And whenever your kid is feeling pressure and stress under this control, yep, it’s because your kid didn’t chant enough, so chant some more.
In the beginning, I would explain the kid’s state as in a robotic like trance. Now there is no rational, critical thinking whatsoever. Yes, there was a pronounced cult influence using various mind control techniques that are mind numbing, mind controlling that change a normal healthy kid to a fanatical nut that is shocking to anyone who knew the kid pre-cult.
These kids will have lingering psychological issues, even after one gets out. The psychological damage continues when still in, and will be in the kids head for a prolonged period of time when out as so many ex Iskcon and ex Hare Krishna members have pointed out.

The daily programming of five (5) hours before the day even begins is clear how this brainwashing program overwhelms the mind. Even if the kid gets out, there is a vast amount of work to be done to clear out the damage and to break the patterns after being so involved. It's really hard to recognize the behavior patterns, especially with this type of heavy indoctrination. It's impossible to not have residual damage and cult-like behavior patterns forever. Having everything about one's individuality stripped away is devastating, and fighting the way back to a personal identity is really, really hard work. The underlying current that slowly grinds your sense of self to powder through physical and mental exhaustion, so it can be dissolved in guilt and inadequacy. An environment in which you are expected to replace your very being with a shrink-wrapped version of Indian village life of yore, dressed up with the trappings of fairy tales.
I’m sorry to say, I know.

Don't make the same mistake twice. Say no to reincarnation. Chant Hare Krishna and go back."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jack Hickman Cult Blog

Excerpt from the blog:

"Then something happened, there was some talk about some weird stuff with Jack and some younger people. I heard it at first as hearsay, so I wrote it off. Then my girl and I met with some people that were there, they were there when the weird stuff happened. It was that Jack was have some kind of sex with boys under the age of 18, we know that as pedophilia..."

Visit the blog here.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Heart of the Cult Experience

It happens so slowly. So insidiously. At first it is like winning the lottery: You finally found someone that understands you. Someone that seems like s/he knows what it is you've been looking for. S/he sees the true you, the bigger you that you know is hidden inside you, but that no one else can see…the you that was meant for greatness. You sit in front of this person and you feel so much Light; you feel…God.

S/he showers you with love. Showers you with attention. Builds you up. Suddenly you are doing things you never knew you could do. You are growing and expanding. You are finally meeting like-minded people. Suddenly you have a purpose. You have a guide. You have someone that gets you. Finally, for the first time, you belong.

You're filled with new energy. Life takes on a magical quality. Every day is a new adventure. You are filled with love and with light. You want to tell everyone about your new teacher, your new friends. Many of them react strangely. Not the way you had imagined they would. "They just don't understand," you tell yourself. "They're not wise enough to see," you say inside your mind.

You continue your love affair with this new group, this new teacher. You spend more and more of your time following the teachings. You spend more and more of your time with the other group members. Your life is changing in fantastic ways and you soon find yourself not wanting to be with old friends that don't understand this new you. You feel more comfortable with the other group members. You feel best when you're with your teacher, the one person that truly gets you.

Your life slowly becomes filled with these new activities. There may be a long meditation practice to follow morning, new tasks to do, books to read, movies to watch. You find yourself going on "field trips" with the group, outings with the teacher. You stop returning calls from your old friends. They don't "get" you, anyway. Your family starts to annoy you. Your teacher tells you that your family and your old friends don't want you to change; they want you to stay small…maybe it's best if you distance yourself from them so they don't "hold you back". You agree. Your family has always seen you a certain way, they don't know this "new" you. Your old friends seem annoyed that you're different. It's easier just to avoid them. You change your phone number, change your email address. Old friends cannot find you.

It happens so slowly: Slowly you surround yourself with the new teacher, the new group of students. Slowly you distance yourself from your old friends and family. They don't "get" you, anyway. Slowly your life becomes filled with the new teacher and the new group. Slowly, but surely, all the old things that made you "you" get dropped from your life. In your excited attempt to grow and try new things, you allow all your old favorite friends and activities to fade away. Before you know it, the group is your whole life. No one outside of it understands. And then the teacher starts showing you your "ego". The ways you need to "change". Slowly, but surely, s/he points out all your flaws. "Only a true Teacher will be this honest." The flaws get pointed out one by one…the self-doubt starts to set in. Next comes "the occult"…or some sort of dark force…maybe "the devil". Anytime your intuition tells you to run, get away from the teacher, get away from the group…you get told it is "occult forces" trying to "knock you off the path" or "make you fall." You start to see everyone outside the group as the enemy. Friends and family become the enemy. You believe "they want to knock you off the path". "They don't understand". By this point your entire foundation is gone, your entire sense of self is gone, your intuition is gone, your life is gone…and you cling desperately to the only thing you now trust: your guru.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Great Resources for Former Jehovah's Witnesses

"Whether you are a free-thinking Jehovah’s Witness, a JW unhappy with recent developments in the organization or a former member, you will want to find out for yourself what truth is. Maybe you are thinking of leaving the organization; maybe you are looking for ways to reform the congregation from the inside; and maybe you are an Ex-JW looking for answers you haven’t found yet. Whatever the case, we are lucky to live in the information age where everything we need to advance to maturity can be found at the tip of our fingers."

Visit the resource page here.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Holidays from F.A.C.T.

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Thank you for all your help and support this year. We promise to do our utmost to continue our mission throughout next year, especially rescuing kids and helping broken families reunite with their loved ones trapped in cults.

We wish you the happiest of Holiday Seasons and a joyous New Year!

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