Saturday, November 11, 2017


In the final part of our expose conclusion, we would like to address a few important points and what we are requesting from Uma Inder:

First and foremost, we are expecting Ms. Inder to make a public apology to all the alleged victims who have come forward with their allegations and evidence, and to permanently change her teachings and practices that have damaged the lives of her alleged victims. We cannot remain silent knowing that people are being harmed by what we believe are Uma Inder’s destructive teachings, and we feel it is necessary for us to warn the public.

It is interesting to note how Uma’s supporters have gone silent during the conclusion of our expose. It is typical for cult defenders to be silenced once their leader is exposed, and we believe our expose has succeeded in bringing the truth to light.

In response to Uma’s claim that we took down our expose previously because of a cease and desist order from a Yoga Barn lawyer against us, she is grossly incorrect. We never received an actual court ordered cease and desist, it was merely an email threat from Yoga Barn’s lawyer, which did not influence our casework nor our expose. Moreover, this threat was merely to remove any mention of Yoga Barn from our expose, which we refused to abide by since there was no denying the connection between Uma Inder and Yoga Barn who employed her for many years and then terminated her, we believe due to the complaints filed against her from her alleged victims. Yoga Barn claimed no further involvement with Uma Inder after her termination, yet in February of 2017 we found a calendar advertisement online that mentioned Uma Inder teaching Ayurveda at Yoga Barn for 2017-2018. When we informed Yoga Barn’s lawyer about this, they blamed it on a “clerical error on the part of our webmaster” and removed Uma’s name from the calendar ad.

Lastly, in response to Uma’s claim of defamation, we believe that truth speaks for itself and is of course defendable. The fact that there are multiple complaints filed against her with corroborating allegations, not to mention the overwhelming amount of supporting evidence behind these allegations, made the truth evident in this case.

We are still waiting for Uma to come forward to openly and honestly discuss all the allegations against her, and not hide behind her defenders and lawyers. If she does, we will update our expose and posts accordingly.

This concludes our Uma Inder expose. The purpose of this expose is not to slander, libel or harm anyone in any way; it is to bring awareness, to educate the public and to potentially change Umaa’s allegedly damaging practices so that no one might be hurt in the future. We of course encourage all opposing views and welcome all new information / evidence at any time. If you have any information about Uma Inder that you would like to share, either positive or negative, please contact us at:

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