Victory Outreach

Victory Outreach Case Study

F.A.C.T. responded to victim complaints, church members and contractors complaints against Victory Outreach claiming that while the courts were sending recovering addicts to the religious centers, they were exposed to conditions unfit for work or labor within the program.  

Not only were victims unable to work under the impossible conditions imposed by Victory Outreach, they did not receive pay during the program and their disability benefits were also usurped by the church organization. 

Holding Victory Outreach Accountable 

F.A.C.T. Inc. worked alongside the State of California Department of Justice, Department of Labor, Sonoma County Superior Court and City of Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, as well as an investigative detective who became involved in exposing the abuses allegedly happening at several chapters of the Victory Outreach Center behind closed doors and in the name of faith.  

The detective investigating the statements gathered by F.A.C.T. found victims too fearful to talk with 1 having been hospitalized and 2 others had committed suicide over the ordeal. Claims Against Victory Outreach including, but not limited to: 

🕂 Spiritual Abuse 
🕂 Member Exploitation/ Abuse 
🕂 Government Benefits Fraud 
🕂 Labor Trafficking 
🕂 Financial Abuse 

Victim Support 

F.A.C.T. Support assisted contractors and church members, including those sent to the church by the court for substance abuse rehabilitation, who were victims of abuse, exploitation, and unfair labor practices.  

Complaints included: 

“This church is a corporation all over the world-all the churches have the same structure-all there members cannot associate with anybody outside the church. They are always in pairs, they have to surrender, time, money, and loyalty without question to the pastors. They live together at the church, with no time to rest, they work long hours to make money for the church...while being deprived of food and sleep." 

"No one can make decisions without Pastor's advice and consent, church must be involved in every aspect of members' lives." 

"Closed group, very controlling, limit contact with outsiders and family."

If you believe you have been harmed by a Chapter of Victory Outreach Church in any way, please contact our office and tell us your story please. 

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