Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From a Friend of Sharoni - Part 1

Dear Hana and Tibi

I don't know if you realized who am I in our short acquaintance...It's very hard for me to stand, hear, watch this whole tragedy. My heart aches to think of what are you going through. I know your pain, and feel it in my body.
Sharoni's story shook and is still shaking my soul deeply in ways and forms that are hard for me to describe. This story had disturbed me both emotional and mentally, and not because of my acquaintance with the devil "master Katsura Kan". It bothers me and hurt me and I identify with Sharoni's world and wishes, as I told you already, we both desired the same thing. Creative fulfillment of the depth of the soul. l also thought that through Butoh I will achieve this dream.
It's hard for me to write to you, only yesterday I had met Hana, the special and charming woman, I can not endure it and can not cooperate with you, I am not strong enough to contain this. After the meeting with Hana I felt sad. Your pain and the war against the "Master" revives in me places and pains that I can't absorb this time in my life. I am not strong (like [name removed]) My nerves are exposed I have no protection and this, how should I put it, is dangerous for me (at least right now).
As I have said I have fear from this monster and I don't know exactly why? I told Hana my experiences with this distorted man. I am asking you, if you are going to use this, please don't mention my name as Hana promised me. I know that maybe I disappointed you but for personal reasons I can't stand this pain. Yesterday it was clear to me that I was going to talk to the reporter, but after a sleepless night (I slept an hour and a half) I understood that I am not able to tackle it. It revives in me an old pain that successfully I put out to sleep for some time. At least now I can't be with you, when I feel better I will contact you. I hope you can
understand and accept my wish

Love [name removed]

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

From a Friend of Sharoni - Part 2

This is something I did not tell you in our last conversation

I was too moved from the conversation

I can tell you that in some way I am afraid of this man

It bothered me tonight after I spoke to you, therefore I did not connect with you immediately

I’m hopeful he will get his punishment

[name removed]

Thursday, September 19, 2013

"My son is in a cult…" - A letter from a tortured mother

I am a divorced mother of four who is currently experiencing the nightmare of having my son join a cult.  Although, my son is considered an adult in the eyes of the law; unfortunately, his identity has been altered by subjects of mind control. The person my son was a two years ago, is not the person I raised. His identity has completely been altered in every way that matters. The son I know would never leave his friends and family behind. What makes this situation more severe and serious is my son has two medical conditions; one is Bipolar, the second, is Crohn’s Disease. I have sought help from local and state and federal law enforcement agencies, without success. I have even gained temporary custody of my son this past November, 2011. In addition, I had also placed a temporary restraining on these two individuals while my son was in Butler hospital, to keep them away from my son.

Every passing day increases my family’s distress and the extent to which [name removed] gets drawn deeper into this cult. I went to great lengths, heartache, struggle, and turbulence to save my son, with no great outcomes. The couple have gone through great length to keep my son from friends and family. His father and I raised him to be responsible, and we did our best to give him a bright future with our limited resources. [Name removed] is a bright, personable and easy going young man. He came into contact with this local cult whose members brainwashed him to such an extent that he is estranged from me his mother, his father, his siblings and friends as well as all the members of our extended family.

His ambitions was to be a doctor and, like all young men his age, loved to listening to music, dancing, and spending time with his friends. He had a job to help pay for his expenses and was to attend college in September, of 2011. All of this changed when he came into contact with this cult which seems to have cast a magic spell on him. He is currently living with them and we have not seen or talked to him for a long time. With everything that I have done involving the local authorities, courts, professional medical advisors, lawyers and PI, nothing has worked. Each night I think of my son and pray for him; each morning I cry for him. The couple who call themselves QueenMah and KingDah do not want my son [name removed] to have any contact with his old life, which means no contact with friends, family, or even his own mother. Not only do they not want any contact, but they also have went as far as to hide any of their YouTube videos they made; including, four of them involving my son just this past February, of 2012.

I have made many attempts to get help and resources from the local media with failed outcome. The couple have these bizarre beliefs that they are vessels, and speak through the word of God. Their real names are Ervin and Shiketa Battle, date of birth: 11/21/1975 for Shiketa, and 04/04/1968 for Ervin, but go by the name KingDah and QueenMah Love. They seek young adults who are impressionable, and quickly isolate them from family and friends, in order to gain control of them. Consequently, the couples have chosen my son to call as their own child; and they have given him a spiritual African name called [name removed], and use him to recruit others. Most importantly, they have also altered his appearance and demeanor, by making him act and think differently than his usual self, ([name removed] acts like them, dresses like them, and thinks like them). Also, they have even changed his diet, by telling him that the foods that we eat are not good or pure; as a result, he has to eat food that will cleanse his body and soul. I also believe there is some sexual and perversion going on between them and my son.

What upset me more than anything is that these two individuals have told my son that in order to not lose his soul…he needs to isolate himself from his own family and friends…because others don’t think the way they do. According to them, the rest of us are all “demons who will never see the face of God”. And what is frightening and dangerous, KingDah and QueenMah have told my son they have cured him of his Crohn’s disease and that he no longer has it. I have even hired a detective and paid a lot of attorney fees, with no success. The only thing they did was rob a single mother who has limited resources to financial means or knowledgeably recourse about the system. Now as a parent, I am concerned about his health, safety, and wellbeing. If I thought for one moment that their intentions were good, I would not interfere with my son’s life. After all he is an adult now and as such he has the right to make his own decisions in life. All I want is for him to be a part of our life and be free to have his own will, without influences from the cults.

Thank you in advance,

(Names have been removed to protect the family)

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