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Just a reminder...tomorrow December 1st, F.A.C.T will be a part of #‎GivingTuesday, a movement designed to transform the way people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season.

There are literally millions of victims in the U.S. and we are the only non-profit organization focusing our efforts on fighting cult groups, rescuing victims, reuniting families and educating students about this insidious threat lurking on campuses nationwide.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Many companies offer a donation matching program...

Happy Black Friday everyone one! Hope you got (or are getting) the deals you've been yearning for.

Just to remind you #‎GivingTuesday is coming up soon and we need your support to continue our mission of fighting destructive cult groups, educating / warning the public, saving victims and reuniting families.

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Monday, November 23, 2015



"Name of Group or Church: Guy Miller Ministries / Church of Life in Christ

Where: McKeesport, Pennsylvania

Leader(s): Guy Walter Miller

Complaint: Most, if not all of the congregation refer to Guy Miller as "Master."

There are special "bless the pastor" days where people are encouraged to give extra financial donations on top of their tithes, for the pastor to use however he chooses. The funds are then used to go on vacations, sometimes with the closest members of the clergy, or to buy new cars etc.

There is a strong focus on discipline. Spanking children is a frequent occurrence, usually done in private rooms.

The congregation is made to feel "less than" if they are not attending every service and church function. Most followers feel the need to get permission to miss services or functions.

As a member of the church, if you happen to associate with ex-members, you are highly frowned upon and made to feel unworthy and sinful.

Some followers are afraid to make any life decisions apart from Guy Miller's counsel.

There are several families that have been torn apart because of the teachings and beliefs being spread to the congregation."

ATTENTION: We are looking for more information about this church for our upcoming expose. Please let us know if you have a complaint about this group and/or its leader(s) and thank you to all those who have already submitted.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Getting fooled by a sociopath has nothing to do with intelligence...

By Donna Anderson at

Getting fooled by a sociopath has nothing to do with intelligence. I’ve heard from thousands of smart, successful people who were taken in by these predators. So how does it happen? Why can sociopaths get us to act against our own self-interest? Two reasons: Our humanity, and our cultural myths.

Trust makes us vulnerable…The human race survived as a species because of trust, according to Paul J. Zak, author of The Moral Molecule — the source of love and prosperity. Back when we were cave men and cave women, trust enabled us to live in groups, which enabled us to protect ourselves, which enabled our species to survive.

We are biologically programmed to trust — literally. A brain chemical called oxytocin, called nature’s “love glue,” makes us feel calm, trusting and content, and eliminates fear and anxiety. Oxytocin is released into our brains and bloodstream when we experience intimacy, and not just sexual intimacy. Hugs, empathy and even conversation cause our bodies to release oxytocin, increasing our level of trust for whomever we are interacting with. This is all normal and natural. It’s the human bonding system.

Sociopaths as hijackers… Sociopaths do not bond like the rest of us do. They have excess testosterone, which interferes with oxytocin. And they are missing the “oxytocin receptors” that are necessary for oxytocin to work. These issues help explain why sociopaths have no empathy.
Even though sociopaths do not feel empathy, they know that they can manipulate us by taking advantage of our empathy.

Therefore, sociopaths hijack the normal human bonding system. They engage us in conversation, they appear to be affectionate, they offer emotional and physical intimacy. Sociopaths use our humanity, our built-in predisposition to trust others, against us.

To read the full article…

Friday, November 13, 2015


A CULT LEADER MANIPULATED TWO WOMEN into bearing him 12 children, then imprisoned, starved, beat and raped those children for years!

How could these two women, who called themselves "breeders" for Melford Warren, have been so brainwashed and manipulated that they allowed him to be so horribly abusive towards their own babies? The power of brainwashing and manipulation is just incredible.

Legally, should the mothers be considered accomplices or victims of Warren? A judge believed the latter. "For the women’s participation in the various crimes, they are being charged with misdemeanor child neglect."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Prabhupada said, “The dog likes to smell the vagina. You are like that. What is business of going another vagina? You require vagina. Take one and be satisfied. That is intelligence. First of all there is no need of vagina. But if you want, take one and be satisfied. Why you are searching after dog vagina?"

Carl Woodham, head guru and leader of the Krishna House, which operates on the campus of the University of Florida, seems to be teaching this to students in an effort to convert them to celibacy. That is of course if Woodham is a "bona fide guru" continuing the exact spiritual traditions and teachings of the founder of ISKCON, which according to the founder is a requirement.

Prabhupada said, “Five thousand years or five millions of years, what was spoken by the supreme God or guru, the present guru also will say the same thing. That is guru. That is bona fide guru. Otherwise, he’s not guru. Simple definition. Guru cannot change any word of the predecessor.”

We cannot believe that any self-respecting woman (or man for that matter) could follow the teachings of a guru who continually spouted "truths" such as these. Opinions? Please chime in.


Monday, November 9, 2015

The Cultural Gaps in a Cult Child’s Life

WHEN CHILDREN GROW UP IN HIGH-CONTROL GROUPS, they miss out on so much in life, especially culturally. An Interesting article about the The Cultural Gaps in a Cult Child’s Life...

"Growing up in the Children of God cult, I was not allowed to listen to music that was not produced by the group. We kids knew well the story of Jeremy Spencer, world-famous slide guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, who one night at a concert met some eccentric people backstage and left his band to join the Children of God. He never looked back. The Children of God attracted many young, talented musicians from the ’60s. Music, songs, and dancing were abundant and common. But any music produced outside of the group was forbidden and shunned."

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 6.02.06 PM

Friday, November 6, 2015

Message From A Victim


Name of Cult Group or Church: Jehovah Witnesses

Message: "[The recruiters] became friends with my son at a time when he was without a job, had no car and was having to stay with his father or be homeless. He felt lost and desperate. They convinced him to go to and later join their church. They came to my home on several occasions, uninvited, and stayed for hours with their entire family in an attempt to convert my husband and I. They convinced my son to leave the area with them and move to Oregon where he would have little contact with us."

Unfortunately we hear this all too often at FACT. People usually become victims of cults when they are at a low or stressful point in life, and/or in a transitory period, like after losing a job or going through a divorce.

An article written in Psychology today explains:


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The Truth Is Mighter Than the Lie...

What's the best way to fight destructive cults and their wicked self-serving leaders?

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