Thursday, August 30, 2018

Shambhala Denies All Allegations of Misconduct

Shambhalas letter of Denial to the community 
"Dear Community -
We are writing to you in the wake of today’s release of more allegations of misconduct and criminal behavior regarding the Sakyong and board members that were released in Buddhist Project Sunshine Phase 3.
We want to be clear to you, our community, that based on the information provided, Shambhala, the Sakyong and the four Board members named in these allegations categorically deny the substance of the allegations, which are not only unfounded, but are each based on speculative and unsubstantiated claims.  The publication of such salacious and defamatory information is grossly irresponsible.
Over the past six months, Shambhala has made it clear that we take any claims of misconduct extremely seriously. We invite and encourage anyone with a claim of harm to bring such claims forward through one of the three channels we have opened.  Our focus remains on the appropriate healing and rebuilding of our community, especially as we move through this leadership transition.
There are three ways to report a claim of harm:
  • Third-Party Investigation: Claims of sexual assault or misconduct by any teacher or leader in the Shambhala community can be raised directly to the independent investigator, Selina Bath, of Wickwire Holm. Ms. Bath can be reached by e-mail or phone at (902) 482-7030.
  • Care and Conduct Process:  Shambhala’s Care and Conduct policy exists to address cases of harm within the community and provide a path forward for all parties when a complaint has been brought against a Shambhala office holder. Click here to contact the International Care and Conduct panel.
  • An Olive Branch: An Olive Branch will serve as a neutral third-party to receive stories of harm and provide victim advocacy services. In the coming weeks, they will open a Listening Post where stories can be brought forward. Questions about this work may be directed to Katheryn Wiedman, Co-Director of An Olive Branch and Project Director, by e-mail.
Further, we are disappointed to learn of the continued attempts to discredit the integrity of Wickwire Holm’s independent investigation and the work of An Olive Branch, both neutral and independent third-party organizations working to provide services to those who have felt harmed in the community.

  • For questions about the investigation and Shambhala’s relationship to Wickwire Holm, please refer to the community e-mail that was sent on August 11, 2018 which includes a statement from Wickwire Holm.

  • To read about An Olive Branch’s complete scope of work, please refer to the community e-mail that was sent on July 20, 2018 to the community by An Olive Branch.

From the beginning of this process in February, our intent has always been to promptly and thoroughly investigate all claims by anyone who has felt harmed within the Shambhala community, to effectively remedy all claims that are substantiated, and to create a strong and healthy sangha.

As always, we welcome your feedback, questions and concerns at

We also invite you to contact the Transition Task Force with questions or suggestions about the leadership transition process at

With appreciation,
The Outgoing Kalapa Council
Josh Silberstein, Chair
Jane Arthur
David Brown
Wendy Friedman
Jesse Grimes
Mitchell Levy
Adam Lobel
Robert Reichner
Christoph Schönherr"

The FACT Team

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Renee Linnell on Meghan Kelly Show

We've talked to Renee Linnell several times about her experience in a cult. She has generously sent us advanced readers copies of her book.

She will be interviewed live on the Megyn Kelly TODAY show on September 5th at 9a.m. e.s.t
answering questions about her book, The Burn Zone and why she joined a cult.

 Be sure to check it out and if you are in Aspen Oct 9th she will be at the Explore Bookseller 221 E. Main St. Aspen at 5:30pm for a discussion and book signing.

Congratulations Renee!

The FACT Team

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Sex, Lies & Abuse in Shambhala

An update to our recent expose on Shambhala - here is the most recent blog post from Chris Chandler, Author of Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism.

"Recently, I have been receiving comments on my last post,  “Divide and Conquer’  suggesting that it was the mental state of the person and her CAT story  that caused it to be removed from Facebook, and because it “couldn’t be corroborated.”

Couldn’t be corroborated by the same inner circle;  same people who have enabled the sexual abuse for the last forty years and counting?

So, now comes  the ‘crazy neurotic woman’ defense of the perpetrators and enablers. The usual one. I realize there are a lot of aspects to this CAT story.   I also know, having been inside this group,  that  I shudder at the thought of what it must have done to your mental state to be one of Trungpa’s seven wives .

All of his other six wives and their mental states should be questioned for still keeping the secrets.  In fact every one’s mental state , who is still in this cult, after what has been revealed about their leaders and their inner circle in Shambhala, should be evaluated,  if they aren’t running  for the exit and shouting “No More!”

What about the mental state of all the parents in this group, that let  their own children be sexually groomed, their fellow cult members be sexually exploited on a massive scale,  and their leader keep a harem of seven wives, illegally, while his Regent infected his students with AIDS, one of them dies,  and they never even think to  go to the police? What kind of group mental state is THAT?
That is the question that should be asked.

Of course, the CAT story couldn’t be corroborated. Who, part of that inner circle of Trungpa’s who were there,  during the most ‘secret part’ of his Tantric teachings on ‘no good-no bad’; his most deeply cult-controlled members, who formally vowed to him and the group  to  ‘never reveal the secrets of the Vajrayana or may I shrink up and rot” are going to support her?  Or corroborate her story?

I took that vow; they all take that vow, and unless some other brave soul tells the truth, which is now unlikely, this requires an investigation at the level of what is happening with the Catholic Church,  whose members are clearly not as mentally disturbed nor cult-controlled as those in  these guru-worshiping groups, like Shambhala International. THAT is the big difference between the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and in these Tibetan Lamaist cults like Shambhala.  The Catholics actually go to the police. Shambhala’s abuse, it should be clear by now, requires an outside investigation, just as the Catholic Church.

My article is not about the person who blew the whistle on Trungpa ( as great a ‘sin’ in their group as mine is for writing a book about him and all of them and so we must be destroyed, defamed, smeared and made unimportant)  it is about how these Tibetan Lamas ALWAYS are let off the hook, because of their very large enabling system;  that always surrounds them.  Bigger than just their own overarching hierarchy of control. They were allowed to become a ‘Buddhist’ mega church that has now enfolded the other Buddhist streams into their net of influence because of other Buddhist groups, like Zen and Theravada, and their own greedy collusion with the mindfulness movement.   A mega-billion corporate movement ‘too big to fail’  simply because of the egregious abuses of its founder, Chogyam Trungpa.

The much bigger question is not about this CAT story of the author,  but why the very well-documented, sexual grooming of young girls,  sexual abuse of women and illegal harem keeping of women, in not one, but two of the major Tibetan ‘Buddhist’ centers, Lama Sogyal of Rigpa,  and now Trungpa’s group, Shambhala/ Vajradhatu,  have been allowed off the hook and then off  the radar again and again,  while the Catholic Church is being destroyed. Granted, their own sexual abuses are abhorrent, but not written into and justified by the Vajrayana Tantric Teachings themselves.   And, the Catholics are demanding criminal action.

Why are Lamaist and Hindu guru groups of Tantric Vajrayana, the new replacement falsely-named ‘secular religion’ for Judaeo-Christianity,   being allowed to handle their ‘institutionalized’ abuse in-house, AGAIN. That is the question uppermost in my mind these days."

Link to Christine Chandlers Blog:

The Buddhist Project Sunshine Phase 3 Final Report:

In addition, here is a recent email we've received from the Expose we published about Shambhala:

"I was deeply disturbed to read the account from one of Chogynam Trungpa Rinpoche's wives about animal cruelty. In the same post (May 7, 2018), it is stated: "In addition, we have included another personal account of explicit animal abuse committed by Rinpoche written by John Riley Perks in his book, The Mahāsiddha and His Idiot Servant." Unfortunately, the resolution of the photo is too poor to read the text and the book appears to be long out of print. Do you know where I could find a higher-resolution image or a text excerpt of the passage? I had been planning on joining the Shambhala community and attending some retreats until the recent abuse allegations broke, and now I feel like I may have dodged a bullet. It seems like a lot of people are trying to say that the current abuse committed by the Sakyong is not indicative of the values of the organization, but the more I read, the worse it gets. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.


We replied with further reading materials and evidence for this person and her response was:

"Thanks so much for the documents. I think it's fair to say that I will not be getting involved with Shambhala.

I was introduced to them through Pema Chodron's books (my therapist recommended them; I hear Oprah is also a fan). I had some doubts about CTR's "crazy wisdom" methods, but it seems like everyone, including Chodron, continue to be apologists for his behavior, even 30+ years later. I thought that I could overlook the alcoholism and cocaine use and bigamy by viewing him as a deeply troubled human being (aren't we all, to an extent) but still a great teacher with deep wisdom, but now he looks more like a charlatan who surrounded himself with people who still believe to this day that they can't say a bad word about him without violating their samaya vows and being sent to vajra hell. 

Thanks for the work that you do to make information available about these organizations. I naively thought that the Catholic church held the monopoly on clergy abuse. I am looking forward to reading the third installment of the Project Sunshine report that is due out later this month.


Thank you,
The FACT Team

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Gang Related Trafficking, Stalking and Manipulation.

We've been receiving a higher than usual number of complaints and emails for support regarding
gang related stalking, trafficking, intimidation and manipulation. Several individuals and families are reaching out for help.

Here are just a couple of recent reports we've received:

"Real social dynamics in Los Angeles is trafficking women and gang stalking them while covertly using their social media and stolen cell phone data to covertly sexually groom, manipulate, and condition women and also lure them out of their homes. They are an underground mafia based on fight club who has chapters of people doing illegal things internationally like millions of men who are sexist and far right connected to white supremacy and the proud boys/oath keeps. I worked for them for a while online from my home in XXXX and when they didn’t pay me after a year and a half I stopped working for them. Well they’ve started gang stalking me and threatening me while trying to lure me out of my home to possibly rape me. I’m not sure but I am informing every authority in California of this gang activity and abuse movement towards women. I didn’t know about he abuse I was working with them to try to counteract their bad behavior and cause I seriously need to make money to support my disabled child... they were getting. Kicked out of countries for bad and sexist behavior and I was tying to help as I thought it could be a win win but it turns out they really are criminals and rape rings and traffickers! Already filed another report with LAPD, The FBI, Human Trafficking, and the Bel Air PD. They are also affiliated with the oath keepers which is an anti government organization."

"Hello. I'm a full time father I have 4 kids an a finance. For the past 6 years we have been monitored by a cult. We live in Anaheim Ca. I've figured it out an I am very certain that it is a cult who manipulates Christian faith an black magic. They have been trying to break us apart for years. I believe they are going after my kids. We've been poisoned. Threatened. They lured us to home an different living situations. They have all of our personal information. Now we are stuck in a hotel. Where the maids an mangers are part of it. They sneak in our room when we leave to cast spells an poison are food an drinks. The do death stress letting us know when they are around. Honk there horns abruptly. They knock an pound on our walls. Constantly trying to out us in dress to break us down an our immune system. Then poison us. I feel they are after my kids. Some are people of higher power. Policeman an landlords. I'm looking for help. We need out an far away from this location. It's gotten to the point my oldest daughter notices."

The National Criminal Justice Reference Service wrote an abstract about this titled, Comparison of Cults and Gangs: Dimensions of Coercive Power and Malevolent Authority.

Here's a portion of that abstract and the link to the full report:

"Groups regarded as "cults" have much in common with groups regarded as "gangs" in modern American society. They are similar in that both groups restrict members' exercise of freedom in thought and belief; both demand unquestioning obedience from their members; both have self-appointed authoritarian leaders; and once persons join both types of groups, they tend to undergo certain predictable personality changes. Cults, like gangs, fall in the realm of deviance, and both types of groups encourage members to become situationally dependent on the "group identity." Both gangs and cults recruit members based on the human need to be accepted and be a part of a group that will affirm personal significance. The primary difference between cults and gangs is that cults have as their axial principle of organization some spiritual/religious/ideological belief system; gangs, on the other hand, are commonly perceived to have no such well-developed belief system. Further, gangs are more sinister in terms of the use of violence against their own members and those outside the gang. Disobedience in a cult occasions much less severe discipline, and violence against non-cult members is not common behavior for cult members."

Link to Full abstract: 

The FACT Team 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Divide and Conquer Strategies

This blog post by Chris Chandler, Author of Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism, speaks volumes about Divide and Conquer Strategies that cults use to manipulate their members.  

"They are able to get to members still inside or almost out of this group, Shambhala/Vajradhatu,  because it is a group that is glued to each other socially and psychologically, since they were teens and young adults ( or toddlers)  and there are few ‘survivors’ of this muddle of social groupthink.   They will not go to the police. They have been taught not to believe in western laws, ethics, or western authority.   Only their  ‘sacred truths’ are real."

Read her full article Here 

These Divide and Conquer Strategies are very common in high control, high demand groups and cults such as Shambhala, Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses and many others.

The FACT Team

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

More Information on Shambhala International and Tiebetan Buddism

"Recently FACT, Families Against Cult Teachings, has published a Four-Part Series, Exposing the Shambhala and Naropa Cults, on their Facebook Page.

This is one of the few Anti-Cult sites who actually are exposing Shambhala International and Naropa Institute as a dangerous cult and cult recruiting college.

They also have a closed support group for those who wish to discuss without the usual Establishment Buddhist Swamp censoring what can be said about Buddhist cult leaders still on their protected list.
FACT  has taken on the Mother Lode Cult of Tibetan Buddhism, indirectly, by going after Shambhala International, the worst of the sexual abusing  Tibetan Lamaist groups,  and Naropa Institute, administered and/or staffed by SI cult members or graduates of Naropa or Buddhists who have drunk the Tantric  Kool-Aid.  No one would be allowed to teach here, if they hadn’t bought into groupthink and Tantra. So, of course, the cult members of Shambhala and Naropa are doing everything they can to demean this Anti-cult site, (as they are trying to do with my book) by deflating its ratings.  Their continued livelihoods depend on keeping a positive image of these two groups that overlap. Or they get to the whistle blowers, and make them crazy, again. Whispering in their ears, creating a whirlwind of confusion. Tibetan Tantra and particularly the Shambhala/Trungpa version never let’s anyone go, if they can help it."

Read the Full article and blog here:

We want to Thank Christine Chandler for all her hard work - helping victims, writing and sharing her stories and otherwise exposing the abuse and corruption she has witnessed first hand.

Thank you,

The FACT Team
Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

How Do I Get My Family Out of a Cult?

If you are concerned about friends, loved ones or in general about those who are caught up in cults, high demand groups etc, it has been talked about by experts in the field of mind control and cults that it is extremely important to stimulate Thought Provoking Dialogue when talking to someone about their involvement.

In many cases the cult is aware that the member will receive opposition from their family and loved ones. It’s their modus operandi to use this opposition to further trap the member. They will often paint the opposition as evil and use it to distant the member from outside influence.

As you’re educating yourself and figuring out what to do, here are some suggestions of actions to avoid, which will give your strategy the best chance of working, and prevent you from alienating the person your attempting to help.

Don't say, "You're in a cult. You're brainwashed." 
Consider how you would react to being told something like that. You'd probably get angry, offended and put on the defense. Try to remain calm regarding your reservations about the group/leader/church, until you know more about it; and can discuss it, or think about it, logically.

Don't say, "You can't think for yourself, reason, or make decisions." 
This will only serve to make the member resent you—and it isn't true. While the group or leader may have temporarily interfered with the member's ability to reason about it, the member CAN STILL THINK. The whole purpose of "exit counseling" or an intervention-type conversation is to get the member to critically think for themselves and start reasoning about the group / leader / person.

Don't argue with the person about beliefs, or criticize the church or its leaders in front of the member or in public. Although cliche, the old saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer!” warrants repeating here. If you must use examples, use examples of other groups, churches or "religions" to point things out, not their church or group as they are conditioned to defend themselves and their group no matter what. If you're a Jehovah's Witness who's under the radar talking to a current Jehovah's Witness try to use examples of say Scientology or other churches who use similar tactics or have similar policies to try and make your point. Maybe use news articles about other groups / churches on the same topics you want to point out to your friend or loved one.

Always strive to maintain a friendly, neutral position towards the group and any of its members you come into contact with while you formulate your research, thoughts and plan of action.

Don't be confrontational, aggressive, or antagonistic to the member you’re concerned about, or to any of the other cult members. Family members or friends who have ongoing problems with the member should not attempt to resolve those at this time. Family members who cannot be around the member without quarreling should stay away until the member's cult involvement has been addressed and dealt with. This is not the time for bringing up other issues. Doing so, will likely drive the member deeper into the cult.

In addition, don't give the member large sums of money, or relinquish trusts, bank accounts, titles or property deeds to a member. At this point, you may be the only thing standing between the member and their blowing resources they’ll need to get on with their lives once out.

Be their Ally. Listen, Don’t Judge:

Make it safe for them to talk, don't accuse, be judgmental, or put them on the defense. What they will likely be experiencing is called Cognitive Dissonance.

By becoming their ally, they will start to confide in you and provide you with the intel needed to help them get out of the cult.
If you are Not in touch anymore with your loved one or friend due to shunning / disconnection there are a few of things you can try. You always have the option to reach out to them and try and rekindle the relationship. You can draft a letter, email or text saying something like:

“Dear xxxx,

I am sorry we’ve had difficulties understanding each other. You’re beliefs and religious views are your own and I’ve learned I need to respect those. You are a very smart person and have the right to your beliefs and viewpoints. I apologize for not understanding that sooner. My intention is not to condemn you, argue with you or otherwise push you away. I care about our relationship and you more than anything else. Can you please forgive my lack of understanding regarding this? I only care about restoring our relationship. If you are happy, I will support your decisions and am happy for you.”

In other words, you have the choice to eat crow and do whatever it may take to restore your relationship. For some it may be worth a try.

Three years ago we came up with a campaign to help people help others critically think about their involvement with groups and churches. This campaign was created as postcard mailers for a few reasons: 

1. It's more cost effective to mail

2.They can be mailed anonymously, if needed.

3.There is no mail to open, the person receiving it is alot more likely to read it and receive the message rather than having to open a letter. 

4. The mailers do not target any specific or active group/church. They were designed to provide Thought Provoking content for the receiver who is likely in "tunnel vision" and or "undue influence about their group/church. 

Here are the three postcard mailers. 

You can request your Free Postcard Mailers at  
Be sure to put in subject line "Postcard Mailers" and include your name and address in the email where we can send them to you. 

This information along with other resources are available on our website in our "Resource File" in pdf format. You can download it Here 

We can not do this work without your support and help, if you would like to help us in our efforts to continue supporting and advocating for victims and survivors please help us by making a donation towards our efforts, any amount is highly appreciated. $20 or $25 goes a long way to helping maintain our printing and mailing costs for the Free postcard campaign we offer to anyone who requests it. You can make your tax deductible donation

We wish everyone who is struggling to reunite with friends and family the very best in your efforts.
Stay Strong!

Thank you,

The FACT Team
Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc


Saturday, August 4, 2018

Naropa University and Shambhala Expose Conclusion

Naropa University and Shambhala Expose Part 4 Conclusion

We are currently witnessing an influx of sexual accusations against the present leader of the Shambhala organization Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, his deceased father Chogyam Tungpa Rinpoche and some of the past and current leaders. The accusations are providing a clear picture of what we believe is a destructive cult, Naropa University and the Shambhala organization. Since the problematic and sick teachings of CTR have been referred to as “crazy wisdom,” sexual abuse, exploitation, and misuse of power and authority we believe have been the norm for Shambhala and Naropa. We  also believe the Kalapa council of Shambhala and the leadership of Naropa have been silencing the victims, which creates a platform for this type of abuse to be acceptable. 
This Article published by the daily camera, goes into detail of Shambhala requesting the leader, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche to step down from his position as the Sakyong “king” and includes Naropa removing him from their board of trustees. 
The Sunshine project created by Andrea Winn, mentioned in part one of our expose, published a final report on the abuse that has been silenced for years including multiple allegations of sexual assault against Mipham Rinpoche.
 The Kalapa council of the Shambhala organization sent out this recent letter, stating they will all step down from their posts.
 Prior to this letter, Mipham Rinpoche sent out an apology letter where he openly admits to, causing harm to women who he had sexual relationships with.
 In addition to all of this within the Naropa/Shambhala community, we must not forget the past of enablers who allowed this “culture of silence” to continue. The enablers contributed to the covering up through silence, they too worshiped the manipulative, abusive, alcoholic, drug addict, Guru, CTR, known as the founder of both Naropa and Shambhala. 
Unfortunately, some of the enablers are still in leadership positions within Naropa and Shambhala. Referring to CTR’s, behavior as “crazy wisdom” paved the way for abuse, misconduct, sexual exploitation and silence. Many knew of the abusive relationships CTR had towards his students and the entire Kalapa council knew that the now deceased Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin(Thomas Frederick Rich, Jr.)was having unprotected sex with students, minors and was also accused of rape while knowing he had HIV and AIDS illness. We believe the Kalapa council and Dr. Mitchell Levy, who we believe was the personal physician of CTR, knew about the reagents illness and in our opinion had a responsibility to stop him, but failed to do so.
We believe, Marty Janowitz who currently serves on the board of trustees for Naropa University knew of the above mentioned misconducts. 
We also believe that as the personal physician of Trungpa, Dr. Mitchell Levy had the responsibility to intervene on Trungpa’s alcoholic self destruction, and cocaine addiction, but did not. 
In addition to this, many members of the community and of the council knew of Trungpa having seven wives which is illegal in the United States and is called polygamy. This was all accepted and encouraged by the Shambhala hierarchy, it  is no wonder why we have had so many reported cases of abuse from the Shambhala organization and Naropa University.
 At this point we would like to mention the Boulder camera, known as the Boulder daily paper. The owner, investigative reporter and editors were informed soon after the death of Sharoni Stern by her father Tibor Stern about  the abuses going on in the Shambhala organization and Naropa University, but ignored their fiduciary duty to investigate and report. We believe, the finances generated for the paper by the Buddhist community was more important than investigating and reporting a crime. In our opinion, neglecting to tell the public about past abuses of victims contributes to the culture of silence, which creates more victims and empowers evil. 

In conclusion, we believe the manipulative and abusive practices of Naropa University and Shambhala are still around today contributing to more deaths, suicides, and trauma. This is a result of believing that an alcoholic with unacceptable abusive behavior, and sexual misconduct had “crazy wisdom.”
 To put an end to this abuse we encourage you to speak out when you hear or see something that makes you feel uncomfortable, say something do not let things fester. 
If you have information relevant to what you have just read, or if you have any information or evidence about student abuses by faculty members at any educational institution, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We highly recommend anyone interested in Shambhala International to read the following books by Nancy and John Steinbeck IV and Christine Chandler before making any commitments to this organization.
The Steinbecks were involved with Naropa and the Vajradhatu community from 1975 to 1987. This excerpt from the Foreword of their dual memoir, The Other Side of Eden, written by Oxford scholar Andrew Harvey states:
A light of rare, bald awareness bathes the Steinbecks’ exposé of their disillusion with Tibetan Buddhism and its guru system. Searching for a spiritual truth that could spring them free of their inherited agonies and also for a “good parent”, they both became in the seventies, like so many other seekers, enamored of the “Crazy Wisdom” teacher, Trungpa Rinpoche. Initially intoxicated by Trungpa’s extravagance and brilliance, the Steinbecks came gradually to see how abusively and absurdly, dangerously grandiose he could be. They began to understand how sick with denial of his alcoholism and sexual cruelty the community that surrounded him was. This shocked them both into awakening from “the guru dream” and forced them to distance themselves from the savage, intricate cruelties of Tibetan Buddhism’s rotten, patriarchal, feudal system.  

If anyone is interested in learning more about Naropa, Katsura Kan and Shambhala, we advise you to read our attachments, our FACT expose posts, and to visit other independently published informative websites online (please see the links below and/or Google search).

Facebook Page for Project Sunshine

The Sakyong’s apology letter:

The leadership transition of Shambhala Kalapa counsel:

Please Like our Facebook and Twitter Page @FightCults , Share our postings to help us raise awareness and sign up for our Newsletter from our home page:

Thank you,

The FACT Team
Families Against Cult Teachings, Inc

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Naropa University and Shambhala Expose Part 3 of 4

Naropa University and Shambhala Expose Part 3 of 4  

Moreover, many victim complaints have surfaced regarding the founder of Naropa and the Shambhala organization, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and many disturbing practices that are still lurking around the Shambhala community today. We have provided them for you here:
“Ok, so I am one of Trungpa Rinpoche's seven sangyum, or secret wives. I met him in 1985 and he died in 1987. He was sexually, verbally and physically abusive to me. He once killed a cat in front of me while his guards held me down and forced me to watch.”
“I wish i could say the abuse died with Chögyam Trungpa but unfortunately, it still continues today.  His son has been accused of numerous sexual assaults as well.  There is a Facebook group called Project Sunshine you might want to check out.  It was started by a second generation Buddhist who was sexually assaulted at aged seven.  She continued to be abused throughout her teen years.  It’s really very sad.”
Here is a link to the Facebook page the above quote is referring too and also a link to a YouTube video talking about the abuse
“Most recently, when the #metoo movement began, a group of women was started who had been abused and assaulted in the Shambhala community. A prominent member’s name was brought up a lot. His attitude towards women is alarming. During the short time we knew each other closely, he was having affairs with the young girl, her best friend (also too young to be taken advantage of like this), and at least three other women I could name AT THE SAME TIME. He constantly uses his power in the community to seduce and abuse women. Along with the huge age differences in his conquests, he is considered an elder in the church and a teacher. It is unethical to sleep with students.”
“I would like to see the cult of shambhala burnt to the ground by getting the truth out.”
 A few more victim accounts of abuse regarding the current Sakyong ”King” of Shambhala and the organization:
"I was sexually assaulted by the Sakyong in the kitchen of the Halifax Kalapa Court after his wife, the Sakyong Wangmo, retired for the night with her first daughter, following the celebration of her first birthday in August, 2011. This experience was traumatic for me. "
"Young women are served up on platters without batting an eye."
"The last 6 months have been both treacherous and clarifying as conversations have unfolded, dragged on and danced around the topic of Shambhala sexual abuse. I have often thought it deserves its own unique brand. It’s as if a collective community trauma has been triggered and we are drawn to replay, revisit, deny and avoid patterns that seem so ingrained to the community. "
"I remember being instructed how to give a blow job when I was maybe 6. "
"The Sakyong’s Chief of Staff is most certainly aware of this incident of “sexual misconduct” despite what he has said to the contrary and to the Project Sunshine Mediator. Kalapa Council members know about this sexual misconduct, one of whom was supposed to be my MI around this time but never followed up. I have told several personally. And I know I am not the only one."
"Currently Shambhala International has threatened to sue Project Sunshine if they release/publish their PRELIMINARY investigation of SMR's misconduct (they haven't even asked anyone to come forward or make some call for it), the data of which has come from interviews with multiple women who have experienced harm. They did a good job of shaming Project Sunshine's effort. "
"Young women are served up on platters without batting an eye. They are treated like disposable pretty little things and pushed out when they roar, or crazy-made when they are suffering the impacts. Their mistreatment is used as material in punch lines by the court comedian who represents them as nobodies lined up for their service to men at court functions. Young women are the temporary "arm candy" and +1s for patrons and groomed to think it's a badge of pride to be on a drunken boy night out. Children of this community have been exposed to child molesters and normalized/denial attitudes toward abuse. I remember being instructed how to give a blow job when I was maybe 6. "
"I know I am not the only one."
 “So I’m not only speaking for myself. I'm speaking for survivors of sexual abuse who have been silenced over the years. Many of the children in this cult were molested. My best friend contracted AIDS from Rinpoche’s appointed spiritual heir, the Regent, Osel Tendzin, AKA Tom Rich, and died in 1990. Tom Rich started molesting him when he was 15 years old. There is a particular community member, a physician, who remains in a prominent position in the organization. For two to three years, this doctor knew the Regent had AIDS and was still having unprotected sex without telling his partners. (The doctor) did not speak up and the rest of us didn't know the Regent had AIDS.”
To add to the comment above, in December of 1988 the Vajradhatu Board of directors composed a statement to the Vajra Regent Osel Tendzin (AKA Thomas Frederick Rich, Jr.) requesting that he step down from his position due to engaging “in unprotected sexual activity after knowing you had HIV disease and AIDS illness, with individuals whom you did not inform of your condition. You have used your position as Vajra Regent in order to induce others to fulfill your sexual desires.” 
In response to the letter, the Regent did not accept the request to remove himself from office and stated doing so would, “violate the oath I took with my guru and it would also violate my heart.” 

It appears that after knowing the Regent committed these crimes, the Vajradhatu Board only REQUESTED that he step down from his position, which he continued to hold until his death. It also appears that his promiscuity as a husband and father led to the death of a student at Naropa University who contracted AIDS from him. 
 A close friend of the deceased student commented about the situation.
 “I was so fortunate to be able to talk frankly to this young man during the last months of his life. We talked about his pain and frustration, about his conviction that he contracted AIDS from the Regent, about his fear for the well-being of his family. We grieved the loss of his unborn children and his future. During this painful time, the family received no apologies; in fact they were often asked if they were sure this young man contracted AIDS from the Regent. There was much discussion about his past sexual history, as if he were a case study rather than an innocent. False and irrelevant allegations such as one of his old girlfriends used needles, this one was promiscuous, an uncle had recently died of AIDS, etc, abounded. Rather than embracing this family with loving kindness when they needed it most, they were often treated badly and gossiped about. The financial strain placed on his family was great, and no compensation was ever offered. His mother spent her entire retirement fund, and is now older than she would like to admit and unable to retire. They continue to face life bravely and without depression, and they are a strong, loving, and cohesive family. Have we reached the point yet where we can genuinely apologize? Perhaps the letters are a step in the right direction.” 
Here is a link to a story written by Katy Butler about the situation mentioned above recalling the event of 1988 written in 1990
Here are pictures of the actual letters and you can view the aforementioned comment, at this link:

These documents were not made public until February of 2006, published by the chronicles of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. We believe this unethical culture of unlimited power for leaders is what Shambhala International and Naropa University represent. Further more, from past experiences and victim complaints we believe the University and Shambhala International provides a platform to draw vulnerable students in to be exploited sexually, mentally and financially by the leaders and gurus whom were placed in charge by a wicked narcissistic psychopath founder, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. 
For those who claim that these sick practices took place a long time ago we want to inform you that there were two female students of Naropa University who came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against their Naropa teacher in 2013. Click here to read the story. 
To view the letters and the aforementioned comment, please visit this link:
End of part 3 of 4 
Stay tuned for part 4 of 4 and conclusion tomorrow.

Thank you, 
The FACT Team 
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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Naropa University and Shambhala Expose Part 2 of 4

Most people are unaware that the founder of Naropa University was also the founder of Shambhala International, an organization which is portrayed as “a global community inspired by the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness. This nature, our innate wisdom, can be developed so that it benefits our own lives and helps meet the many challenges facing the world.” 
However, Christine Chandler, an expert on Shambhala and Tibetan Buddhist, in her newly published book entitled, “Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism”, describes a drastically different experience from her three decades of experience and involvement with this organization: “after nearly thirty years as a Tibetan 'Buddhist, I finally realized that I had been part of a thousand-year old, guru-worshiping cult that uses mindfulness and other contemplative practices, along with ancient and sophisticated techniques, to recruit, commit and entrap westerners into the Tibetan Lama's medieval, misogynistic world; a world where the Tibetan lamas can secretly keep harems of young women, cuckold the men, and financially, physically and spiritually exploit their students.” 
In her latest communications to FACT, Chandler stated the following about Naropa and Shambhala International: “Trungpa's group needs to be dissolved [Shambhala]; Naropa should be shut down as they continue to confuse and twist young beautiful minds and destroy their innocence, even their lives.”  
Christine also informed us about Shambhala International’s latest scandal, involving a lama named Sogyal Rinpoche, who like Trungpa, “had serial sexual relations and also has been keeping a harem of women.  In July 2017, eight of his ex-Rigpa organization students outed him in a major letter to expose his egregious abuses, such as stomach punching his students, sexually keeping a harem (like Trungpa, whom Lama Sogyal was determined to emulate) and other egregious abusive behaviors…This caused him to 'resign' and the usual suspects, the Naropa-type psychologists, the sexual consorts, the Western Tibetan Buddhist students, have created the same campaign to protect him from criminal assault charges. There is a complete cover-up of what is happening with Sogyal in the main stream news but this is what has been reported in the European news.” 
This article published by the Telegraph goes into detail regarding this corrupt lama’s story, please click here to read more about it:

This video published by Tashi Delek also goes into detail and includes interviews from victims who have come forth about their sexual abuses with Sogyal Rinpoche, please click here to watch:
 Previous story removed,

In addition, we have included another personal account of explicit animal abuse committed by Rinpoche written by John Riley Perks in his book, The Mahāsiddha and His Idiot Servant.

In our opinion this behavior of Rinpoche exemplifies a narcissistic psychopathic personality.
Moreover, many victim complaints have surfaced regarding the founder of Naropa and the Shambhala organization, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and many disturbing practices that are still lurking around the Shambhala community today. We have provided them for you here.

End of part 2 of 4.

Stay tuned for part 3 of 4 tomorrow.

The FACT Team
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