Friday, October 30, 2015

Complaints about Jerry Stocking of Clarkesville, GA

We have received numerous complaints about the activities of Jerry Stocking in Clarkesville, GA. Upon initial investigation of these complaints we believe he is acting as a self-serving cult leader who is manipulating and exploiting his followers.

Once we complete our thorough investigation of him and his organization we will present our detailed expose to you with all the facts. We will announce the release date of the expose in the near future, so stay tuned...

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Families Complaining About The Hare Krishna ISKCON Recruitment Efforts on a College Campus


"Dear Mr. Stern,

It is an embarrassment to UF to have the Hare Krishna group on campus or in any way affiliated with the university or its students. This group is a destructive cult that needs to stay away from our kids. When we lasted visited UF with our daughter who is a high school student, I was horrified to see this group on campus recruiting kids, and if this group remains a part of UF, I will most notably send my daughter elsewhere and as far away from this destructive group as humanly possible.


The [Name Removed] family"

Monday, October 19, 2015




If you are involved with a religious organization of any kind, please watch this video to learn some of the warning signs of a religious high-control / high-demand group. Perhaps you can see similarities within your group?

The information found within this 3 minute video could potentially save your life, or that of your loved ones.



"Name of Cult Group or Church: Jehovah's Witness
Where: Australia
Recruitment: I was born to parents who were JW's

Damaging Aspects: Ruined my life forever. No matter how many years pass, or how many miles I put between them, the damaging effects have pervaded all my decisions, all my emotions, all my reactions and all my ability to make the best of myself and those I care about.

What would you like others to know?: The constrictive methods of cutting people off from the outside world prevent you from being able to think or survive by yourself. This religion works with fear of ostracism from family and friends, fear of armageddon, fear of the outside world and fear of your own abilities to survive without them.

How do you feel now being out of the group? I am relieved and amazed that I got away. I feel sorry for my family and their offspring who are funneled into the same trap.

Additional: I'm sure there are people in this religion who find comfort and their place in that world. But they should not force their children into it because they need to be able to choose for themselves their own destiny. JW's stamp out choice. They make their own laws and children are open to abuse without any idea that there is help because they have no exposure to the outside world. I hope people realize that JW children especially cannot see TV or internet (censored programs) to know that there is someone they can talk to, and even if they knew, they would be too afraid. Perhaps school teachers who know JW children in their class should be educated to be especially aware if there is some abuse or if the child even just has doubts about the dogma."

FOR MORE INFORMATION as to why many experts and ex-members of the JWs classify this organization as a cultic high-control / high-demand group, please visit our special website page with all the information:

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Children's lives destroyed by cult leader...

Children's lives destroyed from having the bad luck of being born into a cult. Listen to Lindsay Tornambe's story in this video to know the terrible suffering and destruction that many cults cause their victims.

She was one of 10 young girls born into the cult that were mentally and sexually abused by Victor Barnard, a Minnesota minister. You won't believe the shocking details of this story.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Revise the Tax Code to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse

Dear Supporters,

Please take a moment to review and sign a new petition asking President Obama to "Revise the Tax Code to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse".

The proposed Senate Bill has several key requirements that will seek to prevent tax exempt high-control groups (e.g. Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.) from victimizing their members (especially helpless children), in addition to:

1) Prohibiting group leaders from coercing members
2) Prohibiting group leaders from promoting bigotry, prejudice, and inciting hatred and civil unrest
3) Requiring all tax-exempt organizations file annual returns that disclose how money is spent, including currently exempt religious organizations
4) Requiring that all annual returns are freely available through the internet.

Please get involved by signing the petition and contacting your members of Congress. For the next 30-days please like and/or share the links to the petition ( ) with family, friends, and social media connections.

Since child sexual abuse is a global problem, we encourage sharing the link with non-USA citizens when they are 13-years or older and have a valid email address. According to the "We the People" FAQ's there are no requirements that an individual must be a USA citizen to sign the petition.

Thank you for your support.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dance Teacher Runs Child Dance Studio Like A Cult

We understand that sometimes we ask you to put your attention on and share terrible stories of adult and child abuses. As part of our mission we must spread this kind of news in hopes of raising awareness and educating people about these misdeeds. Please remember, you are not giving a "thumbs up like" to the 'dark content' for lack of a better term, you are supporting the spreading and exposure of it in an effort to protect future potential victims from undergoing the same terribly damaging abuses.

For example this story, "Parents of former students at the now defunct RG Dance Studio now admit [dance teacher] Davies ran the studio like a cult". "Grant Davies admitted to 28 child sex offenses, including one female student he raped seven times."

There are so many dance studios out there and it is probable that other dance teachers are taking advantage of their position to manipulate and exploit their young female students, so please share this information in an effort to prevent young students from falling victim.

Some of the warning flags to learn from this particular story:

"Davis always had to be the center of attention."

"He would "body shame" his young students and punish them if they missed classes for family functions, holidays or school."

"Davis told several of his victims that he loved them."

"Court documents reveal he indecently assaulted one student before text messaging her saying: "Hiii.Yayyy. That felt so special."

"But when one girl refused to reply to his messages, he began to pick on her in class in front of other students, telling her she was not "shining her light" and would not make it as a dancer."

"I didn't want to do the photos and videos but that's the only way I actually thought I would become professional dancer," one victim said in a statement."


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