Friday, June 30, 2017

FACT Updates

Our daily mission at FACT is to help victims and families of destructive cults, educate the public, expose cult groups and try to hold these groups accountable for their actions. Though it is difficult work, every success, big or small, makes it all worth while. Here are some of the latest results from our efforts:

- We are happy to report that a grandmother who lost her grandchildren to a destructive cult group was able to regain custody after a long and arduous process.

- Our efforts to investigate and expose Victory Outreach Church in Santa Rosa, CA have led to FACT now working with the District Attourney’s office in that area on their preliminary investigation into the church and its leadership.

For more information about our organization, please visit our website homepage.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Please help F.A.C.T. rescue trapped children, reunite broken families and expose more cults simply by liking our Facebook page and sharing it with everyone you know, and asking them to do the same.

On behalf of cult victims and families everywhere, we thank you for your generous support.

-The FACT Team

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A heartbreaking victim support request

A passage from a heartbreaking victim support request sent in to our organization, about a minor trapped in a highly controlling and abusive cult:

"The family members who have [name removed] live in a cult like environment within this church. She is not allowed to have friends or associate with people outside the church. She was forbidden from having dolls or certain items that convey feminism. She and her older siblings are dominated and all choices are made for them. The head of cult family is a pedophile...he controls everything and everyone in that group."

We are working to free this young girl from this destructive and dangerous cult environment.

If you know someone in need of support, please have them contact us.

Friday, June 23, 2017


A primary reason why FACT exists and why we work so hard to prevent such tragedies and educate the public.

"Police say the guru — a 58-year-old whose real name is Keith Fox — used his position as a respected teacher to groom and then repeatedly have sex with a 15-year-old girl. Fox was arrested yesterday and charged with sexual battery of a minor.

The news stunned South Florida's yoga world, where Fox had an oversize presence both at his own studios in Delray Beach and at large traveling festivals such as Wanderlust and Yogafest."

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


As a followup to our expose and efforts to warn the public about Katsura Kan, we are extremely happy to tell you that some people have decided to stop working with Kan, including the cancelation of an upcoming workshop and festival.

We thank them for taking the information and evidence against this ex-Naropa teacher seriously, which clearly shows Kan’s sociopathic and predatory nature / destructive capabilities towards his students and young innocent women.

Some quotes from the letters we received:

“Dear Tibor, I am very sorry for your daughter. It is an horrible story. I am stopping my project to work with Katsura Kan. I sent him email by follow his workshop this summer. After watch your letter, I was very shocking. Thank very much to contact me. Maybe you save my life. I don't understand why this man begin to teach and why he is not in cell. Why Butoh community accepts him in community. He send an email with all summer workshop. He'll teach to Butoh festival to Bulgaria after he goes to Serbia and after in Finland. If I can help you... I am sad with you and your family. I am sorry to my english, I hope you understand me…Thank you for your email.”

"Thank you very much for your info...the festival is canceled. Wish you light in your mission."

Unfortunately institutions, theaters and festivals continue to hire Katsura Kan, and as such we are constantly contacting and informing them as well as the Butoh community in general. We expect all employers to cancel Katsura's workshops / performances, as this wicked man must be stopped at all costs for the safety and well-being of students.

For more information about Katsura Kan and what he has done, especially being responsible for the death of Sharon Stern and for causing mental health issues in other students of his, please visit this link.

Friday, June 16, 2017

What we at FACT are dealing with on a daily basis

"[My child] has turned into a completely different person, she has severed ties with her family and accused her family of abuse. She has tried to rip us apart. Apparently they are told to divorce their families. We have no contact with her now. We are desperate..."

It is incredible how many victim support requests we receive that state the same issue of how destructive groups are tearing families apart. Please know that FACT is always dedicated to helping suffering families recover their loved ones from these groups.

If you have a loved one trapped in a destructive high-control / demand cultic group, please fill out our online victim support form.

Thursday, June 15, 2017



We are looking into a complaint filed against AJ Miller, who claims to be the resurrected Jesus Christ and who is alleged to be recruiting youth online and separating families.

If you have any relevant information to share and/or believe you have been harmed by AJ Miller, please contact us.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Case Update

FACT is currently working to stop a Pastor named Rocky Hemphill located in Hattiesburg, MS. He is alleged to be abusing minors sexually and physically. We have reported this Pastor to the Department of Human Services / Child Protective Services and the local police in that area, providing all the information we obtained through our investigation. We believe these agencies will permanently shut down this church and hold this so called pastor accountable for his actions to hopefully bring justice to the alleged victims.

We will keep you informed of any updates. If you need help for yourself or a loved one trapped in a destructive group, you may contact our office.

Monday, June 12, 2017


LOCATION: Santa Rosa, CA WEBSITE: LEADER: Pastor Jose Guadarrama

We are working on a case founded on complaints alleging that the leader of this church, Pastor Guadarrama, is manipulating, controlling and exploiting members, including those sent to the church by the local court system in that area for substance abuse rehabilitation.

The allegations state member deception and fraud, 12 hour work days with no pay, subpar communal living environments and inadequate nutrition (sometimes to the point of hospitalization) and more. According to our information, three members have been hospitalized to date including one for a recent suicide attempt.

If you have any relevant information to share and/or would like to file a formal complaint against this church, please contact us at:

Thursday, June 8, 2017


A former Jehovah's Witness has offered a rare insight into the religious group, describing it as a cult that "tries to control emotions, thought, information and behavior of a person". The treatment of women, child abuse and how to prevent being visited by followers of the religion are among topics confronted by ex-member.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


By Prof Peter Neumann & Dr Shiraz Maher King's College London

Police have identified the three attackers who killed seven people and injured 48 in London on Saturday. What do we know of how UK extremists become radicalized?

BBC story:

Monday, June 5, 2017

'Squeeze My Cans' Tells Performer's Courageous Escape from Scientology

As her financial investment eventually neared $1 million in money she gave and/or spent on Scientology materials, Cathy realized she was in desperate straits. She managed to extricate herself, and by then her daughter, from the reach of people who promised only her best interests but somehow seemed more driven by draining her personal wealth as well as her mind and spirit.

Friday, June 2, 2017

one of our first cases goes to trial

One of our first cases where we filed complaints on behalf of Matthew Fenner, who claimed to have been assaulted and kidnapped by senior members of his church, has finally come to trial.

Matthew Fenner was the first person to take the stand in the assault and kidnapping trial of Brooke Covington, a 58-year-old minister at Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, N.C.

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