Saturday, July 24, 2021

Response to Rachel Aviv/The New Yorker Article "The Unravelling of a Dancer"

This comes as a response to totally inaccurate and unprofessionally written article in The New Yorker by Rachel Aviv titled "The Unravelling of a Dancer".

This article is terribly damaging to not only the memory of Sharon Stern and her family but also to all victims who have suffered psychological abuse and manipulation at the hands of psychopaths and cult leaders.
The response below is written by Jennifer who is an expert advocate on behalf of vulnerable and abused cult victims.

"I fully agree that Rachel depicted Kan as the wronged party/victim and that she clearly has no understanding of psychopathy.  Therefore, I believe that she should be held accountable for her derogatory, erroneous, and  altogether questionable depiction of Sharon and her complete misunderstanding of Kan’s personality disorder/profile; the one is inextricably connected to the other.  And, it also proves/shows how skillful psychopaths are at controlling, exploiting, and manipulating others, to achieve their deviant and devious objectives.  Therefore, I believe that Rachel’s article has the capacity to do significant harm to individuals who have been victimized by predators.  As a result, I have strongly encouraged Tibor to explore the possibility of suing Rachel/The New Yorker for defamation, for the ways in which Sharon and his family were depicted, and for the secondary--but more insidious--discriminatory, anti-victim “tone” that Rachel cultivated, throughout the article.  This is particularly concerning, since Rachel is an accomplished and award-winning female journalist/writer who has a demonstrated interest in psychology and mental health issues.  Her gross misinterpretation of Sharon’s ordeal and demise reflects a deeply disturbing lack of conscience, empathy, insight, responsibility, or understanding--i.e., an irrefutably psychopathic mentality--which ultimately serves as both an endorsement of and source of protection for—Kan. "

Jennifer/New York, NY

Friday, July 2, 2021



It has come to our attention that Katsura Kan is holding a workshop at Urban Guild July 15-17th 2021. 

Katsura Kan was found guilty in the 17th Judicial Florida Court in the wrongful death of one of his female students, Sharon Stern. 

He was also allegedly accused of drugging and raping one of his female students. A known predator, in no way should be in a position to instruct or influence unsuspecting students. We believe the entire Butoh community needs to be aware of his history of exploitation against female students and his guilty verdict. 

We are asking for your activism in contacting Urban Guild and protesting against Katsura Kans workshop. Please send a protest email to and also share this information with others in the community.

Thank you for your activism.


         The F.A.C.T. Team

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Letter from Chris Chandler Author of Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism

 Dear Tibor:

Hope this email finds you well. 

I imagine you in Florida, now.

I updated my book, and noticed that you have my older edition as part of donation gift, and I wanted to make sure you had updated books to give, if that is still part of your site.  So let me know and I will send a ½ dozen to send out if you are still doing this, and my contribution to the Bravest Anti-Cult site left. 

The updated edition is more current and puts you in the acknowledgements.

Here is my article  about the “Naropa” decision, on my blog, where I get close to a thousand  new viewers  around the world every month,  reading it.   Statistics show they read this article AND often click on your F.A.C.T. site. Helping each other gets the word out.  Don’t let the thought police, rampant now, stop the truth.  I won’t.

So let me know Tibor, if you are still offering this book as a gratuity for donations and I will send you a corrected edition supply

Hope you are enjoying yourself in what must be the best weather.  We can’t wait for May in xxxx, when we can finally get out on our boat. It’s great to NOT think about these things when we can.

Best to you and your family,

Chris Chandler

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Public Awareness Katsura Kan's Performance at Urban Guild

The reason for this information is to warn all innocent, vulnerable young female students of Katsura Kan, who was found guilty in the 17th Judicial Florida court for the wrongful death of one of his students, Sharon Stern.  

He was also allegedly accused of drugging and raxxxx one of his female students. 

Please see below email from whom we believe is the victim. 

"Dec 5, 2019

Dear XXXX,

I am ready to confess today that in 2010 Katsura Kan raped me in a deserted castle in South ltaly after he put a drug in my cup of tea. I will be happy to hear what happened with the lawsuit.

Thanks and hugs"

We believe that all his students should know the concrete facts of his physical, sexual and monetary exploitation of his female students.   

Please share this information with as many people as you can and please send a protest to Urban Guild at against holding this event that will take place on February 24th and 25th for Katsura Kan.  

We seek to assure the safety of all his students because we believe Katsura Kan's evil teachings and manipulations only serve to fulfill his sexual desires.  

Saving one life is saving the whole universe.  Anyone who does not fight evil is empowering evil.


FACT Inc Team   

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