Monday, June 22, 2020

Response to Facebook Shambhala Open Discussion

We are absolutely against any smear campaign. We are only interested in the truth and will not participate in any smear campaign nor have FACT, Inc's name included in any way regarding that. The only way we are willing to participate is if there is true fact finding and evidence to substantiate allegations.

FACT, Inc. and Tibor Stern on behalf of Sharon Stern Estate is always willing to help all victims, including Naropa / Shambhala victims
FACT, Inc., nor Tibor Stern, will not be financing any kind of lawsuit nor will we seek out any suit against Naropa or Shambhala.   
Tibor Stern on behalf of Sharon Stern's Estate reserves the right to sue Naropa at    anytime for her wrongful death. We will help coordinate any efforts for justice by survivors who are willing to come  forward. 
We will not be part of any smear campaign. Please refrain from using FACT, Inc's and Tibor Stern's name for your interests.

The F.A.C.T., Inc Team 

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