Sunday, October 18, 2020

Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult | Official Trailer | STARZ

For the past year we have been collaborating with the Starz TV network on their Documentary - SEDUCED: Inside the NXIVM Cult, which premiers tonight, Sunday October 18th, 2020 at 9 p.m est on the Starz TV Network.

As a result of our collaboration, for the past year we've been facilitating professional therapy for many survivors of the NXIVM trafficking and cult ring.

Here is a word from the producers of the documentary:

"It's been wonderful to see your collaboration with STARZ growing, and to have our network acknowledging how much our partnership with you has helped the NXIVM survivors who are featured in the series. The help provided through F.A.C.T. has had an immeasurable impact, particularly with the series about to air and feelings coming up for the former members. Thank you so much for honoring us with our working relationship. We so appreciate that we could put this in place with you, and make it function as well as it has. Congratulations also on the work you're doing with the Epstein victims, and with everyone you help".

On average we receive about 25 calls a week from survivors of trafficking and cult rings looking for assistance in healing and getting their lives back on track. Please consider helping survivors through one of our therapeutic programs; Art Therapy, Bibliotherapy or Professional Therapy. For more information on these therapeutic programs for survivors visit FACT.Charity

Go to Help Survivors Now to help these strong, resilient survivors reclaim their lives and heal from the manipulation, coercion and undue influence they've fallen prey to.

Thank you to all who help us in our mission here at F.A.C.T., the workload is endless and we can not do what we do without the help of the community.


The F.A.C.T. Team

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Interview "The Vow" - NXIVM

"What do an heiress, an actress and the Dalai Lama have in common? A charismatic, but problematic, self-proclaimed self-help guru named Keith Raniere. As the founder of NXIVM, a marketing organization focused chiefly on self-help seminars, he was arrested for sexual abuse, and his organization was designated a cult. A new HBO docuseries, “The Vow,” examines the rise and fall of NXIVM. Directors Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer join us to discuss"

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Launching New Programs & Website


Dear F.A.C.T. Supporter,

Over the past year F.A.C.T. has been helping survivors of the NXIVM trafficking and cult ring as well as survivors of Jeffrey Epstein to directly receive professional counseling. These predatory groups wreak havoc on individuals lives and we understand how important it is to receive therapy after surviving such exploitation and trauma..

Which is why we are launching our New Website and Programs, focused primarily on recovery through practical, affordable therapy options for victims.

Our approach is threefold:
Empower: By offering a wide range of programs, we help the powerless to become empowered. No longer will they be the victim of a crazy sociopath or narcissist!

Most victims can not afford professional therapy which runs upwards of $200 per hour. This is why we are introducing Bibliotherapy as part of our new programs.

The Goals of Bibliotherapy are to help individuals express feelings and gain insight. It is a practical way to realize what has happened to a victim. By reading other stories that are similar to their own, the reader begins to realize they're not alone. This usually helps a person to understand their victimization depending on the severity of trauma. Bibliotherapy can help in healing traumas, suicide prevention and so much more.
Educate: Only through learning how these people coerce, deceive, and control others will you become a shield of armor for yourself and others to their deceptive tactics. Knowing the red flags ahead of time can keep you and your loved ones out of the emotional and sometimes deadly grip of the narcissist.

Prevention: By empowering those who have been stung by a sociopathic person or group, and educating them as well as others, can we prevent them from placing the leash on themselves and others.

Bibliotherapy is also great for non-victims. By reading and seeing other peoples stories, we become aware of possible problems with certain groups, churches, or even individuals (think Bill Cosby).

Prevention is a top priority. We want to educate the world on these abusive tactics, lies and manipulation these personalities use to take over and control people so that it never happens to another single soul!
Art therapy is also used in this threefold process, especially for younger kids. Your donations help us provide these materials to people who need them now.

"You can do something big or you can do something small. Because whatever you do is Better than nothing at all"

We have a long list of survivors who are asking for our help. Please help us, help them.

We can not continue our work and implement these much needed New Programs without your valuable help and donations.

The F.A.C.T., Inc. Team

Monday, July 27, 2020

Donate To Stop Abuse Before It Happens

Stop Abuse Before It Happens

Our fight for justice here at F.A.C.T. has continued day-in and day-out since 2013.  While we continue to fight against manipulative groups and abusive individuals at F.A.C.T., we are also at the heart of helping those who've been through trauma.


Donations to F.A.C.T. ensure that you can help today.

One of the earliest survivors to have been rescued from a cult and brought to light from the brink of suicide as a young woman, “Judy” is now a wife and mother residing in New York.  F.A.C.T. values each and every survivor who reaches out for help. 

F.A.C.T. worked relentlessly for 3 years to rescue children against the abuse of 5 church leaders of the “Word of Faith Fellowship” in Spindle, North Carolina.  By working with the Associated Press and North Carolinian law enforcement agencies, F.A.C.T. was instrumental in bringing indictments upon the guilty parties in front of a grand jury.

F.A.C.T. invested 2 years in working alongside authorities to legally expose the Victory Outreach church-front of exploiting the system and abusing workers through unfair labor practices, abusive conditions and garnishing of governmental benefits. 

F.A.C.T. navigated international authorities and court systems to rescue young children suffering under the clutches of physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse within the religious cult Lev Tahor. 

F.A.C.T. has implemented victim counseling services for the mental health of 2 Jeffrey Epstein survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation. 

In partnership with California therapists and foundations, F.A.C.T. has implemented a victim counseling program for 5 NXIVM survivors of undue influence, sex trafficking, and child pornography.

The best way to prevent abuse from happening is through education.  Through education, we empower the powerless, educate at-risk populations and past victims of abuse of key red-flag-indicators, we prevent re-victimization and future abuse.

Your Support is Appreciated! Your continued support is what keeps our mission alive. As F.A.C.T. is a platinum-rated charity, 100% of every donation goes to our mission, which includes exposing institutions of abuse and providing victim support services.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Response to Facebook Shambhala Open Discussion

We are absolutely against any smear campaign. We are only interested in the truth and will not participate in any smear campaign nor have FACT, Inc's name included in any way regarding that. The only way we are willing to participate is if there is true fact finding and evidence to substantiate allegations.

FACT, Inc. and Tibor Stern on behalf of Sharon Stern Estate is always willing to help all victims, including Naropa / Shambhala victims
FACT, Inc., nor Tibor Stern, will not be financing any kind of lawsuit nor will we seek out any suit against Naropa or Shambhala.   
Tibor Stern on behalf of Sharon Stern's Estate reserves the right to sue Naropa at    anytime for her wrongful death. We will help coordinate any efforts for justice by survivors who are willing to come  forward. 
We will not be part of any smear campaign. Please refrain from using FACT, Inc's and Tibor Stern's name for your interests.

The F.A.C.T., Inc Team 

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