Friday, September 30, 2016

Maoist cult leader arrested

Maoist cult leader who raped two of his followers and kept his daughter a 'slave' for 30 years is jailed - Daily Record

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How Well-Meaning, Intelligent People End Up in a Cult

EnlightenNext was an organization, founded by self-styled guru Andrew Cohen, that aimed to facilitate spiritual awakening. Cohen’s most devoted students meditated for hours—at times, months—on end, were often celibate, and lived together. However, what started as an idealistic venture quickly turned into a complicated, often-sinister world that revolved around Cohen.

The story of EnlightenNext’s rise and fall begs a deeper question: How do otherwise well-intentioned and rational people end up in a cult? In this documentary, The Atlantic talks to former members, as well as Cohen himself, about their stories in order to uncover the life span of a new religious movement that, after 27 years, collapsed nearly overnight.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 5.23.49 PM

Over the phone support services at FACT

FACT is offering over the phone support services for families and friends of cult members. If you feel you need someone to talk to for help and advice regarding your loved one and their situation, our trained experts are just a phone call away.

Dial 1-877-360-3228 Ext. 2

We are a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization that works with people of all religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. Support calls cost $50/hr in the form of a donation.

For more information, please visit:

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Forced into his cult-like Ontario church as a teen and abused, woman spent years exposing ‘The Prophet’

"Following in the footsteps of his father, Fred King led a church near Owen Sound where members were beaten and humiliated by the man they called the prophet. The law finally caught up with King last week, but it was a hollow victory for the woman who blew the whistle on his abusive practices.

In the end, the decision whether to accept a plea bargain for the abusive leader of a Southwestern Ontario church was put in the hands of the woman who suffered some of his cruelest blows."

Sunday, September 25, 2016


An excellent video that breaks down in simple terms the hypocrisy within Scientology and its destructive effect on families.

The Church of Scientology has a cruel doctrine that has ripped thousands of families apart while seeking to extort family members of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Worse is this church uses tax payer money to accomplish this spreading its hate and demonstrating their compulsion to impose mind control on both members and non member family. This white broad video shares one such struggle by a semi=retired father who after 35 years of no contact with this church has found himself locked in a battle to reconnect his family and bring justice to this evil cult.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Support Services Available For Families and Friend of Cult Victims

FACT is offering support services for families and friends of cult members and former cult members. We are a nonprofit, non-sectarian organization that works with people of all religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. 

For more information, please visit our support page.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How To Spot A Spiritual Sexual Predator

Specifically one who is dressed in the garb of a guru, religious leader, or activist: A guide for Jewish women (and other women too).

An essay by Chaya Kurtz, published on


The talk of the town last week was about a New York Times profile of an (accused) rapist/serial womanizer/wife-abuser ex-rabbi who essentially got kicked out of the Jewish world and has successfully resurrected himself as a new-age guru. His name is Marc Gafni, and I actually know/know-people-who-know women whom he messed with. I heard about him years ago at a Shabbos table — some people who had left his sphere of influence were discussing his move to Boulder and said, “I don’t know why he keeps trying to work in the Jewish world. He should go to the new age — they don’t care about sexual propriety.” Apparently he had the same idea.

It surprises me not an iota that a sexual predator would become a prominent new-age guru. The guru-student relationship is fertile land for sexual misbehavior to flourish in. There are too many guru sexual predators to list, but I’ll highlight a few who were exposed relatively recently: John Friend of Anusara Yoga, Bikram Choudury of Bikram Yoga, Eido Shimano Roshi of New York Zen Studies Society, Joshu Sasaki Roshi of Rinzai-ji, Swami Shankarananda of Shiva School Of Meditation And Yoga, and Doug Phillips of Vision Forum.

They’re not just gurus. There are also mystics, sensitive new age guys, extremely “spiritual” people who are actually lowlifes, and activists/idealists who are in it for the booty. There are certain things they do; certain men they are. Look out for:

The Spiritual Man Who Thinks You’re Special: You are a light in the darkness to him. He is your teacher, and he sees soooooo much brilliance and potential in you. You are what he needs, and he is what you need — spiritually, of course. Or he wants to personally help you. You, more than anyone, are worth his precious spiritual energy and time.

The Spiritual Man Who Wants To See You Outside Of Class: Why would a charismatic, “enlightened” man want to see you outside of class? Why would he invite you into his home, into his inner-circle, into his family, or to his most exclusive retreats? Because he wants to do something inappropriate and he’s getting you used to being alone with him.

The Man Who Wants To Spiritually Connect With You — Through Your Body: This guy can take any scripture of any spiritual tradition and twist it to convincingly to mean that spiritual connection is best experienced through sexual connection. Selling teenagers into prostitution? Having multiple wives and mistresses? He’s got scripture to back it up.

The Spiritual Man Who Pierces You With His Eyes: His gaze is unbelievably powerful. When he looks at you, you swear he can see right to your soul. Why do they always pierce you with their eyes? It’s a move of control and dominance. I once had a creepy swami try to pierce me with his eyes, and I left his ashram within 10 minutes.

The Spiritual Man Who Wants To Touch You: Eyes on you turns into hands on you. He’s so spiritual that he wants to heal you hands-on. Or he invites you in for a private session only to reach up your shirt. Since he thinks he’s G-d, he feels entitled to your body. Question what he’s doing and he’ll back it up with scripture, or explain to you that it’s part of the teacher-student relationship.

The Spiritual Man Whose Love And Non-Attachment Are Superior To Everyone Else’s: He challenges you to be strong enough to handle his love. He’s not sure if you have what it takes to be loved by him, and he wants you to prove it. And/or he is a master of non-attachment. He wants to prove how good he is at not getting attached by getting intimate with you and not giving a crap. He convinces you that you are weak because you have human feelings, and he is strong and enlightened because he is a master of non-attachment. He’s not a womanizer — he’s just really good at not getting attached!

The Humble Man Who Talks About Himself — A Lot: I’ve met way too many of these guys. All conversations lead back to him. He is so humble that he doesn’t even have his own possessions or home — instead, he’s going to mooch off of you and other women. Counter something he says, and he’s going to throw the humble card at you: If you don’t agree with him (or you don’t flatter him), you’re arrogant. Since he is so humble, you are assaulting him by disagreeing with him.

The Very, Very Sensitive New Age Guy: This man has feelings. His feelings are very strong. You must never hurt his feelings, though he is free to hurt yours. He is a master of using psycho-babble and “non-violent communication”. You make him feel a certain way — he is never responsible for controlling his own feelings.

The Religious Man To Whom The Rules Don’t Apply: He sure knows all the rules. He can recite them backward and forward, in multiple languages (Sanskrit! Hebrew! Hindi!). He is fastidious in tiny details that inconvenience other people (his special way of washing his hands! his special diet!), but when it comes to, you know, like, not raping people, the rules don’t apply to him. His spiritual position entitles him to exploit you however he wants to!

The Crusader For Justice Who Makes You Feel Dumb: This man knows everything about justice. He knows the key to world peace. He quotes Marx, Mandela, and Maimonides in the same sentence. He knows Angela Davis personally. If there was a big protest, he was not only there but he was on the front lines fighting the cops and he has a scar on his inner thigh that he wants to show you to prove it. This man is committed to The Cause above all. So lofty is his goal that he doesn’t need to be nice to regular people like you. He can be nasty, denigrating, rude — all in the name of The Cause. Call him out on it and you’re siding with the oppressor.

The Married Man Who Tells His Marital Problems To You: This spiritual master has a spiritual advisor — a very famous guru — but even that guru can’t empathize with his marital problems. Thank the goddess that you can, though. It turns out that in every way that his wife lacks, you are just brimming over. Why can’t his wife be more like you, he asks you.

The Enlightened Man Who Tells You All About How Men & Women Are Supposed To Relate To Each Other/How Women Should Be: This guy is an expert on gender. He knows every religious or spiritual reason why women should be subservient to men. He presents his “knowledge” as absolute truth. If you don’t relate to him on his terms, he’ll educate you on how to be a better woman. He’s on a special mission to teach very young women (even girls) how to be women.

The Clergy Man/Guru Who Wants Your Money: He can convince almost anyone (and especially women) to financially support his “mission”. If it’s not by promising salvation if you give him money, it’s by inviting you to very, very expensive retreats. Want private healing sessions or lessons in spiritual practice? One way or another, you’ll pay for them.

Anybody Who Ideologically Justifies Polyamory: If he’s really “progressive”, this man can quote The Ethical Slut. And since his predecessors in his spiritual lineage had multiple wives, certainly he should have them. While he is free to enjoy his spiritually-sanctioned dalliances, you’re in big trouble if he even thinks you’re cheating on him. After all, it’s Tantra! Or it’s Christianity! Or Abraham had more than one wife! He has so much spiritual mojo that he is simply gifting it to all the women he’s intimate with. How dare you refuse his gift!?

The Healer Who Has A Special Treatment Just For You: This man has identified that something is wrong with you. There is something wrong with you that only he has identified because he is so enlightened. It is critical that he, and only he, heal you. What? Having sex with him is part of the treatment? How surprising!

A final word: These creepy guys are out there in droves, and almost everyone who is involved in religion and/or spirituality will meet one at some point. Nobody who is on a high spiritual level will pressure you for sex. Period. People who are genuine spiritual teachers or activists will speak to you respectfully. Full stop. There is a big difference between being wowed by the intelligent way a man speaks and being treated respectfully by that man. Trust your gut. If you feel uncomfortable, get out.

Monday, September 19, 2016


COMPLAINT: "I am looking for help, however that may happen. We engineered a web site called and we are seeking to network with the anti-cult movement community. 

We are working overtime to bring the deep secrets of The Twelve Tribes to light, and have so far amassed 200 articles, another 150 in other languages, and 20 videos professionally done, and an new documentary on the way... we are aware of criminal activity, and we are seeking to just talk about what can or can not be done. We are a group seeking direct action. Can you pass on our website to your networks? Emails, newsletter, etc.

There are children in The Twelve Tribes getting abused hard-core. Thanking you in advance for any help you can offer."

We are currently looking into this complaint. If you or anyone you know is, or has been, a victim of The Twelve Tribes organization, or if you are involved somehow with the anti-cult community and would like to connect to help expose this group, please contact us.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016


At the University of Arizona, current students, alumni, family members of former students, and even an ex-pastor of the church are filing complaints against Hope Christian Church with ASU. The church has been operating on the ASU campus for over 10 years.

The victims of this church have created a website with detailed information about the alleged abuses, which states, “Over the years, hundreds of ASU students claim various abuses from their time at Hope- some of their stories are here. Roughly 30-40 other ministries in the Phoenix area have confronted Hope about their practices, but to no avail.”

For more information and/or to file a complaint, please visit their website at:

Hope Christian Church ASU info

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


"It began during Jenny’s last year of undergraduate studies, when she told me she was selected to take a weekly class in Judaism. As it turned out, what my daughter was studying was a different kind of Orthodoxy. 

Her rabbi followed a fundamentalist ultra-Orthodox sect that saw any other way of life as empty and godless. It also taught that in order to be a good Jewish woman, our daughter had to disconnect from her past and everything associated with it."

Friday, September 2, 2016


For 22 years, Will Allen filmed at the side of a man he called Teacher. From this footage, he created a fascinating documentary film entitled 'Holy Hell', which just premiered on CNN yesterday night. 

The film reveals the dark side of Allen's guru and explores the pull that kept Allen there all those years.

For more info:

Thursday, September 1, 2016


“Our Daughter is in a Cult! What Can We Do?” by John Moore

John and Barbara Moore lost two daughters and a grandson in the Jonestown tragedy. According to John's essay, there are various ways we can relate to children and friends who are in relationships or groups, which we consider harmful.

Read here:

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