Cult Rescue by Families Against Cult Teachings

Cult Rescue for Victims

With thousands of parents asking for help to bring their children back to life from dangerous cults, help F.A.C.T. reunite families and save children from harm. 

F.A.C.T. values each and every survivor who reaches out for help.  When their voices are stolen from them, F.A.C.T becomes their voice.  

One of the earliest survivors F.A.C.T. rescued from a cult and brought to light from the brink of suicide was “Judy.”  Only a child then, Judy suffered for years under the mental abuse, brainwashing and undue influence of a cult.  F.A.C.T. helped her escape and receive the mental health care and counseling she desperately needed to regain her critical thinking and sense of identity.  She later became a teacher and is now a wife and mother residing with her family in New York.

Cult Control & Abuse

Please help us to help those who are being abused by destructive cults, especially trapped children suffering from physical and/or sexual abuse and exploitation. Only with your help will these kids have a fighting chance to escape their controlling groups and the abusive horrors they experience on a daily basis.

🕂 Spiritual Abuse 
🕂 Emotional Abuse
🕂 Physical Abuse
🕂 Undue Influence
🕂 Sexual Abuse
🕂 Labor Trafficking 
🕂 Financial Abuse 

Victim Support 

F.A.C.T. Support assists victims of abuse, exploitation, unfair practices and trafficking.  We cannot continue without donations from compassionate individuals like you. 

For as little as a $25, you can help rescue kids from exploitation and abuse, prevent suicide, shut down cult leaders, expose cults, help reunite separated families and much more.

Donate to FACT

If you are able to help support F.A.C.T. in exposing these crimes and addressing it through the authorities and law enforcement, your donation is appreciated and entirely tax deductible. 

As a platinum-rated charity, 100% of every donation goes to our mission to expose institutions of abuse and provide victim support services. Your continued support is what keeps our mission alive. 

Cult Rescue Testimonials: 

"I am thankful for Families Against Cult Teachings because I know I’m not alone and I’m not crazy. They have great resources and they are not pushy. I wish no family suffered at the hands of cult teaching and I’m thankful this group exists to help families like mine." ~ General Member of the Public DRSLP

"Your Supporting Materials are so great. Thank you. Let's please stay in touch. And let me know about the events you are thinking about holding. I'd love to help in any way I am able to.” All my best, N.G.

"As a survivor when I was looking for support and also a place to land with regards to my advocacy, FACT was there with open arms. Their mission is extremely important and their work is saving lives! I am very grateful to have found FACT and affiliated myself with such a pure hearted, caring group of people who are passionate about their work! Thank you for all you are doing FACT!"  J.A.

If you believe you have been harmed by a cult in any way, please contact our office and tell us your story

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