Saturday, November 4, 2017


According to the alleged victims and from our online research, Umaa Inder is known to teach around the world at festivals, events, yoga retreats and businesses. Here is a partial list of past and current affiliations:

● Yoga Barn - Ubud, Bali
There is no denying the connection between Yoga Barn and Uma Inder since they employed her for years, allowing her to teach classes regularly to Yoga Barn clients. According to alleged victims of Uma Inder, the owner of Yoga Barn, Meg Pappenheim, received many complaints about Umaa, and it seemed that Ms. Pappenheim had responded accordingly and properly, in our opinion, by firing Uma from Yoga Barn.

● Byron Spirit Festival - Mullumbimby, AU
From their website: “360 degrees of African horizon, the Masai, the wild beasts, the Great Rift Valley, a forest-edged home, all fostered in Umā Inder, a spirited quest for ultimate purpose. Mentored by a grandfather honored as a "Freedom Fighter Extraordinary" and cherished by a Hindu family of Indian descent who embraced life worth living, Umā acknowledges her early years in Kenya as a golden age of education in human-being.”

● Red Tent Yoga – Byron Bay, AU
From their website: “In this workshop Uma delivers an immersive introduction that develops within the participants a grounded, working knowledge of key philosophical and therapeutic fundamentals of Ayurvedic self-care principles and practices. The aim of this workshop is to define and contextualize essential teachings of this all-encompassing system in such a way that the attendants of this course may experience – within hours – the physical, mental, emotional and energetic nurturing effects of the greatest gift on earth – Nature’s infinite wisdom.”

Other online connections that mention, promote and/or support Umaa Inder (check back for updates):

Bali Spirit Festival
Yoga Heart Corner
No Mind Festival
Sacred Radiance Yoga
Casa Shakti Yoga
Suntime Yoga
Yoga Sessions TV
Yoga Alliance
Sport Skool
Higher Self Center
Yoga Trail
Book Yoga Retreats
Bhinneka Yoga Festival - Maribaya Resort
Embodied Intimacy

Please visit our website for more information and links:…/Umaa-Inder-…/

Please note: these are merely affiliations and we are not making any statements other than the apparent connection between Uma Inder and these organizations / groups. However, we believe that it is important to inform the public about these affiliations since, in our opinion, we believe Uma Inder may potentially use these venues as a platform to recruit and indoctrinate vulnerable students.

If you have any relevant information to share, either positive or negative, about Uma Inder please contact us at:…/contact.html

Stay tuned for the conclusion of our Uma Inder expose, to be posted next week, Thursday Nov. 9th.


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