Thursday, November 9, 2017


As the first part of our Uma Inder expose conclusion, we post this statement written to Uma by her alleged victims:

"Uma, we implore you and your followers to deeply question if what you achieved is actually an enlightened state, or a protected, walled-off state of isolation where the basic laws of human decency and empathy no longer apply to you because you are above, beyond, under, and/or over them—and kicking, tackling, pulling hair, throwing people back by the neck, punching in the stomach, slapping, hitting with objects, name-calling, shaming, publicly humiliating, mocking suicidal cries for help, and sexually grinding against a student in an altered state are all seen as "blessings" and completely normalized because…because why, Uma? Because you are truly so "special"? Because you did it "all for love"? We want you to deeply consider and reconsider these actions and see the possibility that they are abuses of human decency and gross violations of the position of power you have put yourself in and demand from your followers...NOT blessings that are destroying a false sense of self (which you claim the authority and knowledge to be able to do). We pray you will see them as your own unowned shadow, begging to see the light.

You have said so many times that "everything has a place," and that the "whole picture" or "whole truth" must be seen by the myriad perspectives that see it. It is easy to find heavy praise about you on the internet. We have felt it incredibly important to also make available the shadow side. We note how hard you have tried to prevent our experience from being shared publicly.

We want your followers to consider this all very deeply. Please remember: we have written and audio evidence for all of these actions, as well as the testimony of far more people than you or your followers want to acknowledge. We are not making any of this up: it would be a horrendous waste of time and precious life energy for us to start a fictitious smear campaign. We do this out of sincere concern for your current and future followers, and desire to prevent harm.

Our genuine hope is that this public exposure of your behavior will inspire deep and searing self-reflection on your actions; on where you may be mistaken; on where you may have done wrong; on the ways you may be deluded--and that you will then profoundly and authentically apologize for the deceptions and abuses you have committed against so many people. We wish for these apologies to come with extensive and detailed specifics--not the evasive, grandiose generalities that are your norm.

Sadly, we recognize that you may not have the psychological capacity for this self-reflection, self-responsibility, or personal growth. We recall you saying in so many ways that you were 'beyond' personal growth. But if you integrate our reflections to you, it would indicate to us a possibility of you changing your ways, and therefore reduce the likelihood of future students of yours undergoing the deception, exploitation, and abuse at your hands that we experienced. Sadly, we expect you to continue your ways, and we consider you profoundly unfit to present yourself or act as a teacher in any capacity. We hope you will prove us wrong.

In the meantime we consider any future employer of yours duly warned and liable for enabling your access to students. Yoga Barn ignored red flags around you for years--we pray others do not do the same.”

For those of you that wish to comment on this post, please remember that we will not tolerate any personal attacks on either side. We will also not tolerate any accusations or revealing of any personal information about either the accusers or the followers / defenders of Uma Inder.

If you have any relevant information to share, either positive or negative, about Uma Inder please contact us at:

Check back for Part 2 of our conclusion posting tomorrow...

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