Friday, April 29, 2016



Over the years, there have been some defenders of Katsura Kan who have reached out to the Stern family, claiming his innocence and vouching for his character as a good and moral person. However, their minds were usually quickly changed when presented the overwhelming evidence against Katsura that reveals his true sociopathic and selfish nature.
For those unaware, Katsura Kan is a cult leader who teaches Butoh (dark Japanese dance form) as his cover / modus operandi to seduce, manipulate and exploit students, especially young female ones. This sexual predator once proudly admitted to Sharon Stern that he had slept with over 160 of his female students (all while still married to his wife that was living in Japan). Moreover, we received word from Katsura’s past students that he manipulated them to take drugs, including psychotropic ones, with evidence of this appearing even on stage during some of his Butoh performances with student dancers. As further support to this notion, Katsura once took Sharon Stern and other students to one of the most drug infested locations in all of Copenhagen called ‘Christiana’, labeled by many as the drug capital of Denmark. It was here that Sharon had a very serious psychotic breakdown, with his cold response being to abandon her on the streets, where she was later found and taken to a local psychiatric hospital. If that wasn’t enough, FACT also has evidence of his financial exploitation of Sharon, with him ordering her to send money to his bank account (please find attached). Needless to say, it’s obvious that Katsura never had his students’ best interests at heart, manipulating and exploiting them until they proved useless to him, and then dumping them like garbage. Amazing, this evil teacher was “good” enough for Naropa University to hire to teach in their MFA program. Thankfully however, through the tremendous efforts of the Stern family, the time is coming soon when Katsura will have to answer for his heinous crimes and face justice.

The Sharoni Stern Estate is currently suing Katsura Kan for her wrongful death in the 17th Judicial Court of Broward County, Florida. As expected, Katsura’s reaction to the lawsuit has been dismissive and disrespectful, especially with him trying to settle the case for $1000. It seems to this wicked ex-Naropa teacher that the value of a student’s life is this measly amount (and quite frankly we expect nothing less from a wicked sociopath such as this). When the Stern family of course refused his insulting offer, he proceeded to try a defense claiming that the case should be dismissed based upon a matter of jurisdiction, meaning that the alleged crime against him was not committed in Florida and should be thrown out of the Florida court. He is not denying his actions at all it seems and is merely reaching for a way to escape, no matter how far-fetched it is. Moreover, Katsura is stalling the lawsuit as much as possible based on his claim that he only speaks and understands English at an elementary school level. (If this is true, then how could Naropa have hired him to teach courses to students pursuing a Master’s degree?) As expected though, so far throughout the lawsuit the judge has seen right through Katsura’s manipulation tactics, siding with the Sharoni Stern Estate thus far.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s conclusion of our expose, where we’ll update you on the latest news with the lawsuit against Katsura Kan and the efforts made by the Stern family to try and effect the necessary changes to safeguard students at universities across the country.


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