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For those unfamiliar with the story, the Stern family sent their beloved daughter Sharon, in good faith, to Naropa University in Boulder, CO to attain a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. Naturally, they expected her to return home safe and sound afterward and prepared to pursue a career based upon her studies. Little did the Stern family know that Naropa had hired a sociopath and sexual predator named Katsura Kan to teach in Sharon’s department. Katsura took advantage of the trust between teacher and student to brainwash and exploit Sharon mentally, sexually and financially, which lasted over four years. His manipulation and abuse ruined Sharon’s life in every way imaginable; it caused her to lose her devoted caring husband, to completely separate from her loving family and to experience severe mental health issues and tormenting pain, all of which ultimately led to her suicide. If that wasn’t enough, Katsura even tormented the Stern family constantly when they tried to help their daughter escape his grasp to get the mental health treatment she desperately needed. In the end, seeing no way out of Kan’s psychological trap, Sharon tragically committed suicide on April 25th, 2012.

We believe from the platform Naropa University provided their teacher, Katsura was able to use undue influence over Sharon to control and exploit her however he desired. According to Mr. Stern, the representative of the Sharoni Stern Estate, he believes that Katsura was absolutely unqualified to teach in an American accredited university and that his daughter was taught in the classroom a corrupting philosophy rooted in pain, suffering and death of oneself; taught to "go back to the womb to darkness" and to eradicate her life dreams, identity, authenticity and ego (this is based on Sharon's own statements to her family when she was alive and from discovered correspondence). How Naropa could allow such teachings to take place in a classroom of impressionable young students is incredible, especially with evidence of this philosophy’s destructive influence appearing in not just Sharon but in some other students of Katsura’s who also exhibited mental health issues similar to Sharon’s.

Attached please find evidence showing Katsura’s destructive teachings and also another example of a student deeply affected and harmed by him.

Tomorrow we will examine the details of this corrupt teacher’s hiring by Naropa University, so stay tuned…

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