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After Sharon Stern’s tragedy, the Stern family tried to bring something positive out from it in an effort to safeguard future students at Naropa University. They reached out to Naropa University asking for a simple meeting on how future tragedies like this could be prevented, with their request being flatly denied. Then, when the Stern family asked for some kind of monetary compensation at least on behalf of the Sharoni Stern Estate, which would then be entirely donated to FACT for the purposes of anti-cult education and awareness, Naropa refused to give a cent.

The Stern family is of course not surprised by Naropa’s lack of cooperation and compassion in the wake of Sharon’s death, as in their opinion Naropa’s well documented history shows a pattern of covering up the exploitation and abuse of students by faculty members. The Stern's believe it is easier for Naropa to just brush things under the rug rather than confront the issues head on and make changes. We at FACT believe this is utterly shameful behavior for any academic institution, let alone one “accredited” in the U.S. for higher education. Moreover, Mr. Stern, the father of Sharon, believes that if the faculty at Naropa had acted appropriately at the time when these abuses were being initiated against his daughter, instead if worrying about their accreditation, she would still be alive today. How this school received their accreditation in the first place with their long documented history of student abuses is truly anyone’s guess.

Regarding Naropa’s infamous ex-teacher, Katsura Kan, his desperate attempts to stall the lawsuit against him (from going to trial) are an exercise in futility. Katsura and all his advisors are delaying the case with the claim that the Sharon Stern Estate has no jurisdiction because the alleged crimes were not committed in Florida. A higher court denied his poor excuse of a claim and booted it back down to the lower court, where the Stern family needs now only to show the evidence proving it, which is abundant.

Katsura’s other claim to stall the lawsuit was that he barely spoke English, which is easily disproved from all the emails he sent to Sharon. Also, on behalf of the Sharon Stern Estate, Mr. Stern believes that Naropa should never have hired a teacher who barely spoke English, and also believes Naropa gave him the authority to teach a destructive life philosophy in their classroom. In Mr. Stern’s opinion, it’s more than a lie from Katsura Kan, it’s an insult to the family and a crime to waste the time and resources of our court system like this. The Sharoni Stern Estate will get to the bottom of this through the active lawsuit.

We hope you found this expose interesting and educational. If you would like to learn more about what happened to Sharon Stern, please read the following articles on this page:

We would like to conclude this expose with a message from our founder:

I, Tibor Stern, father of Sharon Stern, representative of her estate and president of FACT, who is going through so much pain and suffering every minute of the day and night from the loss of my beloved daughter, feel obligated to make sure that no other parents are going to go through this kind of unnecessary tragedy by bringing public education and awareness on this typically overlooked and misunderstood subject. My advice to all parents whose kids are attending or going off to college, please research the school in-depth and especially check out the school for any past complaints. Also, make sure that the sexual harassment law Title IX applies to your child’s institution.

We parents entrust our children blindly to the universities, which is the wrong thing to do. There is evil everywhere, so always be as well-informed as possible. Please contact us if you would like any personal educational material for you and your children, explaining the warning signs of cult recruitment and indoctrination.


Tibor Stern
President of FACT
(On behalf of the Sharon Stern Estate)


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