Monday, April 25, 2016


Today marks the fourth anniversary of Sharon Stern’s tragic passing. The cause of her death was not natural, nor was it by accident. It was a wrongful death caused by selfishness, carelessness and continual abuse. Most people know that the sociopath and sexual predator Katsura Kan is to blame for her death, but not many people know about Naropa University and how this institution is believed to have been at fault in various ways as well.

This expose will focus on both Katsura Kan’s and Naropa University’s involvement in Sharon’s tragedy, as follows:

Part One: An overview of Sharon’s tragedy and the corrupt teachings of Katsura Kan that severely affected his students.

Part Two: An analysis of the hiring practices of Naropa University regarding Katsura Kan and Naropa’s U.S. accreditation that we believe is highly questionable.

Part Three: The dark, documented cultic history of this institution since its very inception, especially regarding its founder’s legacy and Naropa’s connections with the international Shambhala organization.

Part Four: On the nature and character of Katsura Kan, according to documented correspondence between him and Sharon Stern, her family, and his response to the wrongful death lawsuit filed against him.

Part Five: Conclusion, including the latest on the lawsuit against Katsura and the efforts made by the Stern family to try and effect the necessary changes to safeguard students at Naropa.

According to everyone who knew her, Sharoni was a wonderful, selfless, honest and loving person who was full of life and always happy. She had a great relationship with her family throughout her life and had many close friends. In stark contrast, according to many sources, Katsura Kan was a known adulterer, manipulator and exploiter of anyone he was able to control (especially his female students who he mentally and sexually abused).

If Katsura had just allowed Sharon’s parents to take her for mental health treatment without challenge or disturbance, she would most certainly still be alive today. Unfortunately his utter lack of compassion and human decency is what prevailed; his evil and ruthless persistence, in the face of countless warnings and demands to leave her alone, is what ultimately destroyed her life and her will to live…may she forever rest in peace.

Stay tuned for Part One of our expose, coming tomorrow…

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