Wednesday, April 27, 2016



After Sharon Stern’s tragic suicide, questions arose as to how it could have been avoided, especially regarding how Naropa University could have hired such a dangerous teacher in the first place. It’s hard to imagine how any school could have hired Katsura after conducting a proper background and credential check, not to mention research that included a review of his course material. This begs the question: did Naropa actually conduct a proper hiring procedure for Katsura Kan?

According to our information, we at FACT believe Naropa did not check Katsura’s background, his teaching credentials, nor did they do an in-depth review of what he would be teaching students. Rationally speaking, in our opinion this is a must for any school to do, especially one accredited in the U.S. for higher education and receiving millions of dollars in federal grants from our hard-earned tax-payer dollars. To further support our beliefs, as per his own admission when he ran into difficulties, Katsura claimed that he was going back to his construction job in Japan. Also, he claimed in the lawsuit against him that he speaks English only at an elementary school level. But for some reason, in our opinion, none of this seemed to matter to Naropa. Katsura was somehow “qualified” to teach for them and more amazingly at a Master’s degree level. It is our belief and opinion that this position gave Katsura the platform he needed to teach his corrupt ideas in the classroom and use undue influence over his students for his own exploitative and abusive purposes.

For a long while, it was very difficult to understand how and why Naropa had hired Katsura Kan, until we received these communications that really shed some light on the matter.

“I have my fingers crossed that you and your family will make this sociopath Katsura Kan responsible as well as finally calling to reckoning his enablers Naropa U, facilitator of the biggest guru cult scourge on our country.”

“First , let me say how very sorry I am about your daughter Sharon. My heart was so heavy when I read about what had happened to her at Naropa because I knew that this evil charlatan dance instructor could not have continued his terrible thought control agenda without being at Naropa, actually a recruiting college for the cult of Shambhala International-- a thought control cult in itself of the late founder Trungpa Rinpoche…”

Tomorrow we will reveal the dark, cultic history of this so called “school” and the deep-rooted connection between Naropa and Shambhala, an international organization considered by many to be a destructive cult, so stay tuned...


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