Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Mother's Day Wish

A long time activist who was victim to many years of harassment and black operations from the Office of Special Affairs in the Church of Scientology sent us an in kind donation in Honor of all Mother's. In addition to many years of harassment and "fair gaming" from the top Sea Organization members in the cult, also lost his marriage of 13 years to his then wife and mother of his children who disconnected from him.

Here is his message:

"Mother's Day wishes to all moms who have experienced family disconnection and other unsavory cult practices."

Thank you for your very thoughtful message and donation, it is greatly appreciated! We are very sorry you experienced so much pain and struggle from the that group - Big hugs to you sir!

We at FACT would also like to wish all Mother's a Very Happy Mother's Day, Thank you for all you do!

The F.A.C.T. Team

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