Thursday, October 18, 2018

Jerry Stocking Follow-up Expose

This is a follow up exposé to our Jerry Stocking expose.

It appears Mr. Stocking is now advertising on his Youtube channel that, “Psychedelics are for everyone, no matter how old. They light up life, need to be done carefully and legally, but make for a wonderful, generative, transformational experience.”

In his Youtube Video Jerry brags about how he has tried a few different psychedelics over 13 times and urges the public to do the same. Jerry then states that trying psychedelics 13 times is still not enough for him and he needs to experiment more. In our opinion, this is not a professional who should have a non-for-profit organization for self-improvement education. We believe Jerry Stocking to be under the influence of illegal drugs as he calls them, “psychedelics” unacceptable and even more so to influence the public to try these mind altering illegal drugs. We believe this is the exact opposite of how a self-improvement educational teacher should be setting an example in terms of safety for his students and others. 

Link to Youtube video: 

His company called ‘A Choice Experience’ is a non-profit organization created by Jerry Stocking for the purpose of self-improvement education (as listed on his profile). Through the use of his 501c3, he is believed to be charging students for all of his self-improvement courses about $600 - $900 per course, and $95 per hour for private coaching / counseling. We will be forwarding all of our information to the IRS for their analysis to verify the legitimacy of the ‘A Choice Experience’ 501c3 approval. We believe a nonprofit should not be pushing for the use and experimentation of illegal drugs.

Stocking is also an author of numerous articles published by the ‘Elephant Journal’, an independent online publication. His articles mainly focus on the subjects of love, romance and relationships, with an obvious focus on sex. Very recently, he wrote an article where he admits to having paid women for sex through an “arrangement” website.

Some excerpts from his article:

“…I signed up for the arrangement site with zeal. In the first 24 hours, I emailed 23 women, most of them less than half my age…”

“In that month, I had three meetings with women, the rest turned out to be various flavors of unavailable or disinteresting.”

“I paid her for one month but only used her services twice. We remain in contact via text and email, corresponding much as an older, perhaps wiser, man and a younger, enthusiastic woman.”

“I won’t be on the site again, though the idea of it still tickles me, as does the idea of paying a certain, set amount for sex with someone I like but don’t want a long-term romantic relationship with.”

In our opinion, we believe no self-help teacher should be promoting the idea of a sex for money arrangement website, which is basically a modern day platform for prostitution. We believe his article shows his regard for women as mere sex objects for his own carnal gratifications.

A letter written to Jerry Stocking:

“What you left inside of ------- is unconscionable.  You are supposed to be caring for other beings by merging with them at the level of their suffering and taking responsibility for what you find - no matter what you find.  If you find sorrow then you work through that as your own.  If you find lust then you work through that as your own.  If you find greed then you work through that as your own.  You work through these things and free yourself then you have their liberation - the liberation you offer and that they are entitled to by coming to you.

I felt into her pain Jerry and you have been physically and emotionally abusive to her.  You should feel honored in your capacity to serve another and above all humbled in the presence of those that come to you.  Every single one of them. There is a clear distinction between cherishing another's soul and everything else.

If she was not your client then she would be an equal participant. But she is.”

Judge for yourself if you believe Jerry should be allowed to advertise himself as a self-help educational instructor with a non for profit 501(c)3 status.

The FACT Team

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