Wednesday, October 3, 2018

How Can My Loved Be So Blind? They Are in a Cult!

On a daily basis we talk to people who are struggling to understand how in the world their educated child, boyfriend, sister, mother or father, friend etc can be so blind as to not see they are involved with a high controlling abusive group, church or individual.

They lose sleep, work hours and are emotionally distraught trying to understand it and rescue them from it. It can be one of the hardest struggles to convince someone that what they believe is "wrong" or they are being deceived.  No one likes to admit they are wrong or have been duped.

In many cases it's not the religious "beliefs" that are in question but more the destructive policies and practices of the group pr leader to conform their members completely.

According to Steve Hassan's BITE Model, these are some of the main tactics cults and predatory personalities use to gain control over their prey.

Behavior Control
Information Control
Thought Control
Emotion Control

Some of the best possible ways to arm yourself, your friends and loved ones is to know ones own vulnerabilities, educate ourselves on how manipulation is done, the personality types that prey on the vulnerable and to have strong critical thinking skills to prevent yourself from getting caught up in such groups or relations.

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The FACT Team

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