Monday, October 15, 2018

Blogger Wins Defamation Case Against Her by "Cult Leader" Serge Benhayon

"A wealthy NSW spiritual healer has suffered a significant defeat in his defamation case against a blogger after a jury found many of her posts were true, including that he's the leader of a socially harmful cult."

 The "substantially true" findings included that he "has an indecent interest in young girls as young as 10 whom he causes to stay at his house unaccompanied", preys on cancer patients and "is a charlatan who makes fraudulent medical claims".

The jury also found substantially true that Mr Benhayon had exploited children by having them vouch for UM's dishonest healing practices and "exploits cancer patients by targeting them to leave him bequests in their wills".

Read the full article here:

There are A Lot of "Snake Oil" salesman in this world - who prey on the vulnerable - Buyer Beware!

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