Monday, October 22, 2018

Book Recommendation - Leaving the Fold by Marlene Winell Ph.D.

Leaving the Fold will help you if:
  • You have become uncomfortable with your religion and are in the process of leaving.
  • You want to understand more about Christian fundamentalism.
  • You have left the faith that was meaningful to you as a child, and you need to sort out the aftereffects.
  • You need to heal from growing up in a dysfunctional religious family.
  • You became "born again" as an adult, but you are now disenchanted with the belief system.
  • You are experiencing fear and anxiety, anger, or grief because you have left the fold.
  • You struggle with depression and confusion because you have lost your structure of meaning.
  • You have a family member or friend who is recovering from religious indoctrination.
  • You are a helping professional and want to improve your ability to help clients who are recovering from their religious experience. 

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