Monday, May 14, 2018

Another Young Vulnerable Woman Being Manipulated and Controlled

A recent e-mail we received:

Name of Cult or Group: Stairway in Tennessee

 "My best friend is being lost to this extremist cult or faction whatever you want to call them. She has been given to a man who is to become her husband, they have decided everything for her. She is now unable to talk to me under orders or allegiance as she puts it to her husband as he now controls her email, social media and phone calls. Her family are going out of their minds over this, I have had to tell her mother what is going on there as she had been told to keep things secret from them. She needs help, I've lost my best friend to these people, people who believe that she will burn in hell if she defies her husband or the elders, who take everything, who stockpile guns to defend themselves from the unbelievers as they put it.
Neither I nor her family know what to do......."

This is a typical day at the office, answering and supporting families who are going through crisis such as these.

We are not familiar with this particular group Stairway. If you have any personal experiences or information that you would like to share about this group or any group, please do so.

We are here to help create Awareness so as to Prevent tragedies. We are here to support those who are caught up or dealing with family or friends who are involved in controlling abusive groups and situations.

We can not do it alone and need all the help we can get. If you would like to help us and our mission here at FACT it is extremely appreciated. You can make your tax deductible donation here:

Thank you.


The FACT Team

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