Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Heartfelt Letter to the President of FACT

 We received this a couple of days ago and wanted to share.

"Mr. Stern, hello —

I do not have any issue with cults. I am writing because I spent the weekend in Las Vegas with some friends from across the country. I never travel or take vacation, but this weekend, I got together with them, and it was planned out months ago.

As soon as I got into the Vegas airport, I saw the story about Sharon (on Ha’aretz, of all sites), and over the next few days, whenever I had some time alone, I continued to read. It obsessed me. It haunted me. It really wasn’t a vacation this weekend, because I was so affected by this story.

I know it’s nothing compared to how the story affected/affects you, but it really hit me hard. I am so sorry that this happened. I applaud you for doing your best to turn a negative into a positive with this organization you have started, and the memorial to her, and, also, for taking Kan to court. I wish you much success in getting this piece of shit put behind bars, forgive my language.

I am impressed with your strength. My condolences on your daughter’s passing. I felt I had to write.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emet.

Kind regards,

These types of letters are very touching to all of us here at FACT. We appreciate your reaching out Josh. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

The FACT Team

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