Thursday, February 11, 2016

EXPOSE: Guy Miller Ministries – PART 1

EXPOSE: Guy Miller Ministries – PART 1

Church Leader: Guy Miller
Location: 2100 Versailles Ave, McKeesport, PA
EIN: 25-1386726

Our organization has received numerous serious complaints about this nondenominational church. Ex-members claim that Guy Miller is running his church like a cult, having experienced and/or witnessed acts of child abuse, member abuse and exploitation, financial exploitation, shunning, and more. They state that Miller manipulates members with fear, guilt and shame tactics to keep them under control as well.

Our initial investigation found virtually no information about Guy Miller or his church online. They do not have a website or mission statement published anywhere that we could find. The only exceptions were an unofficial and undeveloped Facebook page that is “not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with Guy Miller Ministries Inc” and another website which states that Guy Miller Ministries (GMM) “Provides transportation to medical appointments, financial assistance, clothing and furniture to pregnant women.” No other online descriptions or comments about Miller and his church that we could find.

What some of the past victims of this church have to say:

“Stay away from this place. They believe if you don't go to their church, you aren't going to heaven. If you leave this church, the people there are not allowed to talk to you anymore. This man is a cult leader......stay away!!!!”

“I am trying to reach out to other people who left to also file a complaint, it is sad that there are so many people whose lives were ruined because of this awful place.”

“I was a member of that cult for 20 years and can’t tell you how long it took me to finally de-program myself with great support. It is a very dangerous cult and I want to make sure my identity is not compromised. I have been out of it for 11 years.”

“I would recommend to anyone who reads this that if someone tries to take you to this "church", run, run far and run fast because it will probably damage your life.”

PART TWO COMING TOMORROW focusing on the numerous allegations of member abuse by church leaders, so stay tuned...

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