Friday, February 12, 2016

EXPOSE: Guy Miller Ministries – PART 2

EXPOSE: Guy Miller Ministries – PART 2

Church Leader: Guy Miller
Location: 2100 Versailles Ave, McKeesport, PA
EIN: 25-1386726
AKA: Church of Life in Christ; Preach My Word Ministries

There are many different ways in which groups / leaders can abuse members, whether it is physically, mentally, sexually, and/or financially. Many of the complaints that have come in about Miller’s church are very similar descriptively, especially regarding the allegations of abuse.

Numerous ex-members of this church claim to have been physically and/or mentally abused by this organization as a means of behavior control, including the frequent spanking of children in private rooms designated for this purpose. One ex-member even quotes Guy Miller saying during one of his sermons that, "all homosexuals should kill themselves”.

Also according to ex-members, Miller and his church staff put a lot of pressure on congregants to tithe 10% of their gross earnings without fail, plus giving considerable donations during special collection times to “bless the pastor” (for Miller to use as he wishes).


“When i was younger I got spanked for something almost every week we went.”

“There were rooms specific for spanking children who misbehaved.”

“If you were in trouble at the church Guy and his sons or the "anointed men" would take you upstairs and threaten you both physically and verbally, they did this to my brother when he told someone he was at a cult. For the girls Guy had a secretary and his daughter who were very intimidating and would take you upstairs and verbally threaten you.”

“There is a strong focus on discipline. Spanking children is a frequent occurrence, usually done in private rooms.”

“Family members yelled at during the 'church services'."

“Shortly after I came out as homosexual to Guy Miller, he had a sermon where he preached that all homosexuals should kill themselves. In counseling sessions with Guy and his assistant Dar Smith, he told me I must have been molested as a child, and that I am not wired properly. He tried to make me feel I had something wrong with me.”

“We all had to give extra tithes and he told us it was going to him. Also every Sunday morning there is a tithe collected and then there is a basket that goes directly to Guy and we all were encouraged to give him the money. There was a strong emphasis on tithing and if you didn't tithe enough they called you out during the service or privately pulled you aside and told you to tithe more.”

“Guy told us several times our tithes went to his Disney or Mrytle Beach vacations where he took all of his family and staff. He also told us it was for his new cars. By blessing him we were doing Gods will for our lives.”

“He is crazy and is driven by a very attractive secretary and they have taken huge financial advantage of the members to the point of them loosing their savings and even their homes.”

“Sundays mornings we would just stand there and clap. Then we'd march around the pews and throw our tithe envelopes in the bins and people were often encouraged to through bills into a basket that went directly to Guy.”

“My Mother lost her family home because my father tithed away the mortgage money.”

“There are special "bless the pastor" days where people are encouraged to give extra financial donations on top of their tithes, for the pastor to use however he chooses. The funds are then used to go on vacations, sometimes with the closest members of the clergy, or to buy new cars etc...”

PART THREE COMING MONDAY, focusing on reports of shunning that have torn families apart from the alleged teachings and dictates of Guy Miller.

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