Monday, February 15, 2016

EXPOSE: Guy Miller Ministries – PART 3

EXPOSE: Guy Miller Ministries – PART 3

Church Leader: Guy Miller
Location: 2100 Versailles Ave, McKeesport, PA
EIN: 25-1386726
AKA: Church of Life in Christ; Preach My Word Ministries

A key distinction between a safe religious group and a cult group is when members are allowed to question or even reject dogmatic tenets / group policies without being punished for it. A typical form of punishment for this by many cults is the practice of shunning. For those who are not aware, when a member is shunned, all forms of communication are disallowed between active members and the ex-member, even with family members.

Many religions make exclusive claims to truth. There is nothing wrong with that. Many systems of philosophy do the same. The harm stems from a system that shuns and ostracizes adherents that don't accept their exclusive claims to truth. Forcing people to conform by using the threat of social alienation is a form of coercion.

According to ex-member complaints, this is exactly what is going on within Guy Miller Ministries. Many victims state that the leadership’s usage of shunning is ripping apart families without regard for their wellbeing.


“There are several families that have been torn apart because of the teachings and beliefs being spread to the congregation.”

“As a member of the church, if you happen to associate with ex members, you are highly frowned upon and made to feel unworthy and sinful.”

“The 'church' name is under Guy Miller Ministries, Inc. It is an incredibly sad 'church' that obsesses over authority, and dictates "natural affection".... not getting too close with anyone else (including family) because the 'church' needs to come first. He has been excommunicated from his 'family' starting about 2 months ago because I would not convert to go to this place.”

“I am not allowed contact with our brother who left the church. Family members excommunicated is very common.”

"My family all quit going after a while and my family lost all communications with my grandparents all because we stopped going."

"I am also a victim of Guy Miller's cult. I left a few days before my [age removed] birthday. My parents and siblings shunned me. The rest of my family still attending doesn't speak to me. I've had no contact with them in years. I'm now [age removed] years old and living my own life in another state. I can provide much more info on this cult if it matters. I'm scarred for life from this man."

PART FOUR COMING TOMORROW dealing with the alleged control tactics used by the GMM leadership on congregants. Stay tuned...

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