Tuesday, February 16, 2016

EXPOSE: Guy Miller Ministries – PART 4

EXPOSE: Guy Miller Ministries – PART 4

Church Leader: Guy Miller
Location: 2100 Versailles Ave, McKeesport, PA
EIN: 25-1386726
AKA: Church of Life in Christ; Preach My Word Ministries

According to complaints, many ex-members of this church state that Guy Miller utilized control tactics and other methods to manipulate members and keep them obedient. Allegedly he is controlling the lives of congregants, ruining marriages / tearing apart families, controlling who is allowed to enter into his church and even threatening those who want to leave with spiritual retribution / damnation.


“This church is all about control. All members are expected to attend all three services each week. There are assigned seats. Whoever Guy Miller was upset with at the time would be the focus of his sermon. Guy Miller would yell at the member from the pulpit right in front of family members and congregation. If someone dare miss a service or leave the church altogether, Guy Miller would scream, yell and preach at the empty seat where the member once sat. Family members were mortified, and most people were too afraid to leave because of what would be said about them and the trouble it would cause their remaining family members.”

“We are told this is the only church and if we leave we will find death and that Guy is the way to life.”

“People watch to see who is coming into the church and you will be stopped if not a regular member. If you want to bring a significant other they must go through a "process" and meetings.”

“They do things to people that have left.”

“They have destroyed many " MANY" marriages and families along with relationships I had with best friends inside the cult.”

“I used to secretly dream of being able to leave, but always feared some sort of spiritual retribution or that I'd be cursed and never happy if I left and sought my own way through life.”

“I went to Guy Millers church for most of my life. It was very controlling; you were always pinned against someone for doing the best at his church. He controlled every aspect of your life because you needed to counsel and do what Guy says. It's been a year since I've been out and I’m just coming to terms speaking about it. It's a terrible place.”

“You couldn't pray to God you could only ask Guy for counsel. If you left you couldn't talk to your family.”

TOMORROW WE WILL BE CONCLUDING OUR EXPOSE on Guy Miller Ministries, so stay tuned...

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