Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Recent Support Email to FACT - "My Brother May Be Entering a Cult"

Initial Email to our office:

"Subject : : My Brother May Be Entering a Cult
 Your Message : First of all, God bless you guys for creating this amazing organization. I am so saddened to hear about Sharoni... She was indeed innocent and manipulated beyond a doubt.

My younger brother, who himself was in a manipulative relationship with his Karate Master (xxxx) recently left his Karate Master xxxx to move to Japan, where my brother has found new mentors. He is now being taught "secret martial arts" and left his well-paying salary and is jobless to go "help the people of xxxxxx Town" to "bring back jobs" and revive their economy. Mind you, my brother is 26, naive, and not very emotionally intelligent. We are very worried and don't know what to do to coax him back. We are wondering if you have any advice or if we can please even pay for a consultation with someone on your leadership. We is myself and my mom. Thank you so much."

Our office replied back and then received another email below from the concerned family member.

"Dear xxxx,

Thanks for your warm reply earlier.
I’m wondering when would be your next soonest availability to talk.

Out of nowhere, the monks in Japan have invited my brother to stay in complete seclusion in their temple (no contact with the outside world, and they don’t let you out even if you try, once you’ve agreed). They have many abusive practices.

We’re wondering if we can get any of your advice on how to intervene.
My brother already lives in Japan with these “mentors.” 

I’m sorry to bother you with such a time-sensitive request, as I am positive you receive many and have a busy life. Whenever is your best earliest next convenience, I am available. My direct number is xxx-xxx-xxxx (My mom is CCd as she would listen to the call as well)."

We receive dozens of these types of emails on a weekly basis. Your donations and support, help us to help people in desperate situations who need sound advice.

Families need support and guidance in these difficult and delicate situations. Please help us continue our important life saving work. Please make your tax free  contribution today at: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/fact

Thank you,

The FACT Team

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