Monday, December 17, 2018

Recent Plea for Help Daughter in Gladstone Church Cincinnati, Ohio


Name of Cult Group or Church: Gladstone

Where: Cincinnati, ohio. My daughter lives on XXXX Ave and they meet near there. They used to meet at Mariemont church in Cincinnati,

Leader(s): #Name_of_Leader(s)#

Please describe the cult activity: Are their specific complaints you'd like to tell us about?

Our daughte's personality changed after she joined. She met a woman at the mall in Cincinnati, who invited her to her church. They have many meetings. She moved into a house near the church with other members. She hands over almost all of her money to them. Everything is communal. She owns nothing. She does not choose her clothes, her food, what time to get up in the morning. She reads the bible constantly. She told me that if I want to go to heaven, I must give away all of my money. She only comes to see us in xxxx Ohio (2-hour drive) when there is a special occasion. She has many meetings. She does not see old friends. She works in a xxxx with only 1 other person. It's very isolating, and these are her only friends now. Now she is going to Israel in January for 2 weeks. She says it's through a group called Hope for Israel. She says that her money goes to overseas churches, but I'm sure she has no idea where it goes.

Are you aware of any human rights violations, emotional/physical abuse, illegal activity? Please be as detailed as you can.

I am not aware of any physical abuse or illegal activity.

Involvement with group: If yes, please explain.

1)when did they get involved? About 2 years ago

2) How did you/they get involved? How were you/they directly recruited? My daughter was working an extra job at a kiosk at a mall in Cincinnati. A woman invited her to her church. I forget the woman's name, unfortunately.

3) Are there other family members involved?no

4) Has their been a disconnection of relationship(s) with family, old friends? Yes. We are still in touch, but she is somewhat unemotional.

5) What are the circumstances currently? We see our daughter, but it's mostly when there is a family wedding or holiday. She has not come just to see us since she met these people. She hurries home to them, limits her time with us.

Impact from group: Please describe how you believe to have been harmed and/or wronged by this group. Be as detailed as possible, and send any supporting evidence via the email below.

Except for emotional isolation from friends and family, I am not aware of abuse. My daughter is very thin, but she was always thin, so I can't say that they control her food. I know that she almost never goes to the grocery store. Someone else does that. She packs her lunch so as not to spend any money. She eats peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, but she used to not even like them. She wears loose baggy clothes since being in the group."

In this particular situation it is a major plus that the daughter is still in touch with her parents and comes home for special occasions. We are working with the parents to advice them on steps to take for an "intervention" of sorts and to delicately educate their daughter on what the process of mind control is and how it happens. We are hopeful these efforts will lead to a successful intervention and the young girl will be saved from a life of Undue Influence and Mind Control.

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The FACT Team

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