Thursday, September 10, 2015


How would you feel if you sent your beloved child away to college and a religious group on campus there recruited, indoctrinated and convinced your child to turn completely against you?

This is exactly what happened recently to a student attending the University of Florida in Gainesville. A religious group there by the name of ISKCON, a.k.a. the Krishna House, is being led by Carl Woodham and are doing whatever they can to try and recruit students into their organization. They pass out informative flyers, offer an on campus inexpensive lunch, promote introductory lectures / programs and anything else they can do to introduce their organization to impressionable students— all with one real intention: recruitment.

Because of the Krisha House’s influence, the parents not only missed out on their own child’s graduation from UF (which was a very sad day for them that will linger in their memory forever), but worse, as of now they currently do not even know his whereabouts (yet suspect he is somewhere in India obviously under the direction and control of ISKCON).

In our opinion and as per some evidence which will be published tomorrow, Carl Woodham’s Krishna House at UF has succeeded completely in turning their once caring son against his loving parents, who needless to say are absolutely heartbroken. They want nothing more than to be able to relate with their son again they way they always used to, which is just not possible any longer due to the isolating grip of ISKCON.

We are going to notify Dr. W. Kent Fuchs, the President of UF and the Board of Trustees, in addition to all relevant lawmakers in an effort to stop what we believe are high-control groups from operating on school grounds where vulnerable and impressionable young students are easily accessible to them.

Please help support our mission to expose and eradicate these groups from college campuses everywhere by sharing our expose with everyone you know, but especially parents and students.
Tomorrow's posting will include the President of F.A.C.T., Tibor Stern's phone conversation with Carl Woodham and also what we believe is hard evidence of Woodham’s recruitment efforts of vulnerable students to the Hare Krishna / ISKCON organization.


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