Friday, September 18, 2015


A Conversation Between Tibor Stern, President of F.A.C.T. and Carl Woodham, the leader of the ISKCON chapter that operates on the University of Florida campus in Gainesville.

At the beginning of 2015, a complaint came in to F.A.C.T. from the parents of James, a student attending UF at the time. His parents said that they experienced the outcome of the brainwashing of their son, who was recruited on campus by the Krishna House (ISKCON) organization led by Carl Woodham.

Their son’s behavior during this time grew more and more unusual and erratic which was not at all typical for James, especially regarding the growing disconnection from his family. James became very absent-minded when it came to connecting with his family and the huge love and compassion that was once an integral part of this hard working, honest, great all American Christian family unit had all but vanished from the side of their son.

Like his parents’ lives, James’s life was completely turned upside-down since he joined Woodham’s Krishna House. He stopped eating his normal diet (becoming vegan virtually overnight), was chanting and meditating many hours every day, was out selling books and preaching the word of Krishna constantly and his educational experience sadly ended with him not even attending his own graduation (which his parents drove all the way up to UF to attend). His family had been waiting for this day for a long time, a day that should have been one of the most happiest and important experiences between parents and their child, which was ruined because of this cult’s influence.

Upon meeting the parents at the F.A.C.T. offices and hearing their story, TIbor Stern made a phone call to Carl Woodham, a common practice for him to always try and resolve things peacefully / get to the bottom of the situation. In the beginning it was a pleasant conversation between Tibor and Woodham, up until the issue of why James’ prior loving affectionate family relationship all of a sudden changed for the worst, to which all Woodham could answer was that James was “afraid of his father”.

This is something Tibor had heard over and over, which is so typical for the predatory cult leaders to always blame the parents for the drastic changes occurring in the victim. It is a method turning the cult members against their families as a way to exert high-control over the victims. Mr. Stern knows James’ parents and wishes every child in the world to have parents like his.

His question to Woodham is if he considers himself to be an educator, why didn’t he pick up the phone himself to try and make peace between James and his family? Tibor Stern’s answer to that is that it is not Woodham’s agenda, which his email enclosed here-by will prove. Recruiting westerner “wholesale” (please see the evidence attached).

Mr. Woodham, what is wrong with every other religion that preaches peace and love for families? James claims that he is extremely happy with his new life, which Tibor experienced with his daughter when he confronted her evil deceiving guru that was her “teacher”, only to find out two weeks later that she was dead.

Mr. Woodham, we believe that your manipulation and exploitation is nothing but a destruction that the only one who benefits is you and your Hare Krishna organization. In the process, the life of James’s beautiful parents has been destroyed. We feel their pain and misery to lose a child and not to know his whereabouts. Of course Mr. Woodham you don’t feel that pain, you are enjoying your wife, your family, your new spa, while James is running around selling books and meals for Krishna telling everyone that he is “volunteering” so it cannot be called slave labor.

Mr. Woodham you were so proud to tell Tibor that James is celibate, but don’t you believe that he deserves to fall in love, have a family, have a career he loves and is proud of, etc. Mr. Woodham, you are no saint in our eyes. You are not building relationships of love, prosperity, and all things positive; we believe you are destroying them.

To be continued…

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