Thursday, September 24, 2015

For all WOMEN, BLACK, GAY, JEWISH students (and anyone with a moral conscience) at the University of Florida Campus.

According to its very founder Swami Prabhupada, The Hare Krishna / ISKCON organization is undoubtedly a religion that advocates racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, misogyny and the like. How is it that a religion advocating these terrible ideas is allowed to coexist within our education system and teach these corrupting ideas to impressionable students?

Just some examples of what the founder of ISKCON believed and taught followers:

“Swami Prabhupada spewed vitriolic racial hatred toward black/African people -- repeatedly and explicitly. Examples of his racial bigotry are numerous and frequently recorded in lectures and private conversations by his many devotees and disciples over the decades.”

“It is all [a] nonsense civilization,” he declared. “A first-class Rolls Royce car, and who is sitting there? A third-class Negro. This is going on. You will find these things in Europe and America. This is going on. A first-class car and a third-class Negro.”

“It is not that the woman do not like rape. They like sometimes. They willingly. That is the psychology. Outwardly they show some displeasure, but inwardly they do not. This is the psychology.”

“Now, in the Manu-samhita it is clearly stated that a woman should not be given freedom. That does not mean that women are to be kept as slaves, but they are like children.”

“It appears here that the homosexual appetite of males for each other is created in this episode of the creation of the demons by Brahma. In other words, the homosexual appetite of a man for another man is demoniac and is not for any sane male in the ordinary course of life.”

“They [Jewish bankers] were financing against [the interests of] Germany,” Prabhupada said. “Otherwise, he [Hitler] had no enmity [against] the Jews… The Jews have got money. They want to invest and get some profit. Their only interest is how to get money, [not] nationalism, [not] religion, nothing of the sort ... Therefore [William] Shakespeare wrote [of] ‘Shylock, the Jew.’”

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