Monday, February 5, 2018

Complaint Filed Against an Entire County

Here is just one example of the Complaints, Pleas for Help & Reports/Allegations we receive on a daily basis.

Allegations we received about an entire County - Solano County, CA:

"Solano County abuses families, violates mothers rights and pit our children against us.  I still don't know where or what happened to my daughter.  Even though she is an adult the government and a 3rd party organization shouldn't be dictating my family members such as my daughter.  My daughter was fine at home and there wasn't anything wrong with my daughter living at home.  A family is a lifetime event and a relationship that lasts a lifetime.  However Solano County has way too many 3rd party family service programs staffed with people who hide behind titles like Youth Counselor, Social Worker, Case Worker that mislead the youth and families.  

Seneca Center misleads families and the youth everyday and have been misleading and violating the rights of family and the youth for years.  No one at Seneca Center is being held accountable for their malicious manipulative influences that have pitted and divided mothers from their children. The director of Seneca Center and the rest of the staff members with Seneca Center create this misleading YouTube videos like they are an organization that helps reunite mothers with their children.  But the truth is Seneca Center isn't really reunited mothers with their children.  Seneca Center does the opposite, they lure mothers and their children to their offices and gain their trust then they turn on the families and lure the youth away from their home, then don't tell the parents where they lured the youth to go.  Then the parents worry, panic and go livid.  Then parents call authorities and other county officials and then the parents realize these places abuse the situation even more.  Then as a parent or mother your left powerless and stripped of your rights to know where your child ended up.  Then years go by  and your child is lost in the mix, abused in a adult foster care system that abuses families.  

My daughter didn't need to be in adult foster care or in a group home ever. Seneca Center and the system use the system to build their careers off the backs of mothers and their children whether they are minor or an adult.  Doesn't matter what age they are, people operate non profit family service programs that are geared to abuse and violate the family unit.  

Solano County California in Vacaville, Fairfield and Vallejo surrounding region is systemically oppressed, because of the local government preying on our families and the excessive mismanaged youth organizations misleading the youth and influencing the youth to flee home with the web of lies and false promises the mismanaged youth organizations feed the youth.  That is why my daughter was taken and I haven't seen my daughter for 5 years.  The government and the mismanaged family service programs staffed with people are predators, liars and hoarders of people's family members such as the adult youth and minor children.  
My daughter was systemically kidnapped, manipulated and then lured to go with staff members from Seneca Center that lied, misled and push their undue influences by wrongly taking advantage of my daughter.  I tried to find out and stand up to them then I was left powerless because the system is corrupted by everyone working throughout Solano County.  They wouldn't leave me and my family alone.  Then they eventually got to my daughter and she was misled by these people.  No one listened to me they just judge, make up a web of lies, create false accusations about me and then go behind my back and pit my daughter against me.  Then take her and do what they want with her and push their radical agendas on her too. 

I am not the only mother that had their rights violated by Solano County employees, Seneca Center and other 3rd party mismanaged family service programs that prey on families, mothers and the youth.  The group created, Justice for Mothers and Recall Judge Carrington in Solano County California.

Videos of families in front of Solano County court house protesting against judges and Solano County employees.

Where on the map is Solano County, CA ?

Solano County is operating like a communist regime.  The local government is kidnapping our children and taking them.  Then families are tied to a court system trying to get their children back but the judges, lawyers and the Solano County employees are all corrupt using our families to build a career off the back of children, the youth and mothers.  

Solano County and the people who work throughout the county do manipulative things to pit our families against each other.  Then force us to be tied to the system for years on end then they use the youth  and mothers where in most cases mothers and children are left powerless because of the overwhelming amount of corruption across the board. "

We became aware of this book recently and thought it is a Must for us to Share with all of you.
The Worst Interests of the Child: The Trafficking of Children and Parents Through U.S. Family Courts

Please remember at this point these are only allegations. If you have any information and/or experience with this either positive or negative, please contact us.

The FACT Team

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