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A former Scientologist wanted us to Share her story!

A former Scientologist wanted us to share her story.

"Name of Cult Group or Church: Scientology

Where: Florida

Leader(s): L Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige

Recruitment: When I was 21, my fiance issued me an ultimatum that unless I joined Scientology, he could no longer even date me. Once I started buying their classes and counseling, I was under constant heavy pressure to become a staff member which means you work 90+ hours per week for about $40 per week. I did join staff and worked there for 14 years.

Damaging Aspects: They use force and control and work on getting inside your head until you become "dedicated". Then once you are fully dedicated, they control every inch of your life: who you can talk to or be friends with, what family members you can have a relationship with, all of your intimate relationships are usurped by them. They become your family. It is a heavy authoritarian, top down structure that issues commands that all who are truly dedicated must follow, or be kicked out and disconnected from all family and friends who are members of the organization. You are encouraged to report on your spouse, your children, your parents, if any of them violate the rules of the organization. You are discouraged from seeing doctors. If you have any serious mental issues you are forbidden from getting professional help, of any kind. All of your mental and physical problems are purported to be cured by Scientology practices. Through L Ron Hubbard's ideology, they completely change your personality, the way you think about people and the world, the way you act, what you do with your life, how you spend your money and all of your beliefs. If you are lucky enough to escape, it takes years to recover and get your own mind and your life back. I was in for over 24 years and it took me many years to become myself again after escaping. It ruined my life, I made huge mistakes and bad decisions while I was under the influence, that I am still paying for today, 12 years after getting away from them.

What would you like others to know?: They encouraged me to drop out of College at a young age, even though I was a gifted student. They discouraged me from having children by demanding I work 90 hrs a week. Worst of all, when I decided to no longer be a member, they tore apart my family. There are so many family members who used to be close, loving family members (over a dozen) who now are not allowed to speak to me. They all claimed to have "made their own decision", yet one for one, every single member chose to apply the Scientology Policy of "disconnection" even though I never spoke out about the organization to anyone. So now, 12 years later I am finally speaking out. One of the main ways they keep you in, is to convince you that if you leave Scientology, you will fail, suffer, get sick and die. They claim to be a "religion" yet they offer no public benefit to the world. Their social programs are nothing more than hype and public relations stunts. Its all about either getting money out of you or turning you into a slave for the organization. When you are under their influence it is easy to be convinced that you are saving the world, helping people, and becoming a better person. It happens slowly over time, like boiling a frog, you don't realize it until its too late. Only when you get out and look back, do you realize the control they had over the way you think and see the world. They turn you against science, they turn you against other religions, you stop reading, stop listening to the news, you stop looking at other perspectives altogether. You are only allowed the Scientology perspective, all others are considered inferior. You stop learning, you stop growing or evolving, your mind is no longer your own. You are incapable of thinking for yourself any longer. All the while they are convincing you that the opposite is true, and that you are an "advanced, super human being".

How do you feel now being out of the group? My life has turned around and I am happy and healthy but most of all free from that abusive organization. I believe that had I stayed there, I'd be dead. And indeed, I know SO MANY dedicated people in there who have died (usually of Cancer and heart attacks) way too young.

Additional: Please publish my story. I appreciate the work you are doing to expose dangerous groups."

The Church of Scientology for years has denied they have or enforce their disconnection policy. Time and again they have denied it on media interview. Another former Scientologist got on camera a Sea Org Member (a member of Scientology's clergy) admitting that they do in fact enforce disconnection. Watch the video here:   

Thank you for sharing your story! We are Happy to hear she is doing well in life and hope one day she will reconnect with all the family that has disconnected from her!

If you or someone you know would like to Report a Cult, Need Help and or Support or want to Tell Your Story please feel free to fill out and submit one of the forms on our website:

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