Thursday, July 27, 2017

Katsura Kan Nazi Sympathizer Evidence

Dear Supporters,

My beloved daughter had no chance against this wicked person, who I believe is a Nazi sympathizer as per his latest Facebook profile post (please see attached photo). As a result of Katsura Kan’s manipulations my daughter is dead, and he is promoting Hitler.

Amazingly, but not surprisingly, he was considered good enough to be hired by Naropa University in Boulder, CO, which is an accredited higher learning institution, where we believe he taught his students without any proper teachings credentials, the destructive dance of Butoh and its philosophy in the classroom which promoted pain, suffering, and death. We will look into what I believe is the undeserved accreditation of this university.

This is the face of evil representing the thousands of corrupt and abusive cult leaders and gurus out there that FACT is diligently fighting against in order to save our children.


Tibor Stern
On Behalf of the Sharoni Stern Estate

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