Monday, July 24, 2017


LOCATION: St. Louis and Columbia Missouri

We are looking into a complaint alleging that this drug rehabilitation program is being run as a destructive group that is separating teenagers from their parents and destroying families.

"This drug treatment program, referred to as the group, separates teens from families and acts as a surrogate for families...They have to cut all ties with old friends, even non-drug users. They are encouraged to drop out of school. They are isolated from society and told that outsiders are not winners. One of the 12 steps requires sticking with winners (the group)...The counselors control all decisions such as who members can live with, where they can work, who they can date, etc. The "counseling" sessions never include both the parents and the child. The members of the group all look and act the same."

If you have any relevant information to share and/or believe you have been harmed by this organization, please contact us.

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