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AKA (Personal): Marc Winiarz, Mordechai Gafni
AKA (Business): The Center For World Spirituality, The Center For Integral Wisdom
Location: Monterey Bay and San Francisco, CA
EIN: 46-1051882

Due to the numerous surfacing allegations against Marc Gafni, already some 25 New Age leaders — including Deepak Chopra, the best-selling author; Andrew Harvey, founder of the Institute for Sacred Activism; Craig Hamilton, CEO of Evolving Wisdom; author Jean Houston; and Stephen Dinan, CEO of The Shift Network — have signed a public statement disavowing themselves from Gafni. The leaders, who sent out their statement to 180,000 subscribers to The Shift Network, said they had “concluded, based upon direct experience, investigation, or conversation with trusted allies, that we cannot endorse Marc Gafni as a teacher in any way.”

One of Gafni’s biggest supporters however has decided to remain by his side. John Mackey, founder and co-CEO of Whole Foods market, considers Gafni to be “a bold visionary.” He is a proponent of Marc Gafni’s philosophy of “conscious capitalism” and the chairman of the executive board for Gafni’s center.

We at FACT have personally reached out to Mr. Mackey, asking him to join us in showing support for the dozens of alleged victims of Gafni. As of now we have yet to hear a response from him. If you would like to read our letter, please find it below on this post.

Also, a group of more than one hundred rabbis has launched an online petition, demanding that Whole Foods sever ties with Gafni. As of now the petition has garnered more than 3400 online signatures and includes comments from people claiming to have had “unfavorable contact” with Gafni. The petition can be found here:

Monday we will be concluding our expose on Marc Gafni, so stay tuned…



Dear Mr. Mackey, 

My name is Tibor Stern and I am the president of Families Against Cult Teachings, F.A.C.T., a 501c3 non-profit organization I founded after my daughter tragically committed suicide. Her death was the result of the manipulation, exploitation and abuse brought upon her by a corrupt teacher / guru. Since then I have made it my life’s mission to stop predators like this from victimizing followers and destroying families. Judging from what I have read about you, I believe that you are a very intelligent man who not only cares about the planet but also about its people. As such, I invite you to show your support for the many victims of corrupt spiritual leaders and gurus who manipulate and take advantage of those who believe in them.

A little about us: our organization’s work is to investigate, monitor, and fight cult groups / leaders, rescue victims and aid in their rehabilitation, in addition to educating and bringing awareness to the public.

Unfortunately the problem is widespread, as evidenced by the thousands of support requests and complaints received by our organization from all over the country. It is truly a “hidden epidemic” within our society with more than 5,000 different cult groups possessing over 6 million members.

If you are willing, I would like to speak with you sometime to discuss the issue more in depth. My family has been destroyed by my daughter’s death and I am asking you to show your support for the victims of spiritual leaders (like the victims of Marc Gafni). Please join us in whatever way you wish to help prevent future abuses and tragedies from happening to any more people and families. 

Thank you for your time and consideration with this very important matter. 


Tibor Stern
President of F.A.C.T.

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