Monday, March 7, 2016



Location: Monterey Bay and San Francisco, CA
AKA (Personal): Marc Winiarz, Mordechai Gafni
AKA (Business): The Center For World Spirituality, The Center For Integral Wisdom
EIN: 46-1051882

It’s incredible that with so many strong allegations and evidence against Marc Gafni that somehow he is able to continually move on, reinvent himself and convince new supporters that he is actually the victim. However, we believe it is getting to the point where it will be too difficult for him to continue to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Consider the words of one of his ex-wives, who arguably would know him better than anyone.

“On New Year’s Day, one of Gafni’s three ex-wives posted a Times of Israel blog post. In it she pleaded: ‘Please God, help Marc Gafni undo himself. Let his inner demon loosen his grip. Let it end already. For the sake of his victims, past and future, for the sake of his own broken inner-innocence… And help the rest of us – his victims, his critics, and even his hoodwinked supporters. We have all failed. We failed by praising his genius while ignoring his demons… We failed by honoring the powerful while silencing the victims.”

If you would like to join FACT in support of these victims and in our efforts to stop Marc Gafni from potentially exploiting and abusing again, please start by signing this petition:

It was created by a group of more than one hundred rabbis saying “We, along with all who sign this petition, stand together with those who were his victims and call upon those who support Marc (Mordechai) Gafni to cut all financial and institutional ties with him. As of now the petition has garnered over 3400 online signatures and includes comments from people claiming to have had “unfavorable contact” with Gafni.

“Unfortunately so many victims staying quiet over the years, combined with Gafni’s ability to use his considerable charm and intellect to impress and manipulate others, have allowed him to maintain a life-long cycle consisting of repeated acts of predatory behavior, discovery and scandal, image-rehabilitation, and leadership comebacks unabated. We believe it is time for this pattern to finally stop.” - Gafni victim coalition
For more information on how you can help in this effort, please contact us directly. Thank you for reading, liking and sharing our expose on Marc Gafni with others.

-The FACT Team


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