Friday, December 4, 2015

Complaint about Straitway Truth Ministry, Lafayette, Tennessee



Name of Group or Church: Straitway Truth ministry Where: Lafayette Tennessee Leader(s): Charles Dowell Website:

"People sell all their belongings and give the money to Dowell. They are dependent on him for everything from food to clothing to toiletries. People live in run down trailers while he lives in a nice house."

"Members live all together on the property and eat in a common dining hall. Anyone who disagrees with the pastor is considered as coming against him. There are elders, but they are really yes men who have proven themselves to be totally devoted to the pastor. Anyone who speaks against him is considered to be speaking against God."

Are you aware of any human rights violations, emotional/physical abuse, illegal activity?

"People live in trailers with no running water. They use 5 gallon buckets as toilets and dump them in a pit when full. A lot of emotional abuse, psychological abuse. Financial abuse of elders. They sign over their ss checks to the pastor every month. People are told that if they leave they're going to hell and all kinds of bad things will happen to them. If you leave the ministry you are leaving God etc."

If you or someone you know has been victimized by this organization, please contact us immediately.

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